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January 06, 2009



Happy belated birthday! And I totally agree on Arrested Development--most underrated show of ALL TIME. Why did it have to end so tragically early?


That guy on the TV appears to be checking you out.


okay one, love that dress. and two, i love love love the nutcracker and love that you had dreams of being clara too :)


You are so cute -- I love your Mad Men outfit. I'm glad you had a great birthday and holiday season. I was an addict of Arrested Development when it was on TV, and now they're making a movie (sans Michael Cera, but I can live with that).


I'm LOVING your Mad Men dress! And I think it's totally adorable that Colby was on the ball before you even woke up on your birthday -- that's always a good thing!

It sounds like y'all have been having a great time. Minus all that crazy snowfall. I hope the new year is going fabulously, as well!


Happy belated birthday. you look crazy cute in that outfit!


What a coincidence! I had crabcakes on Christmas Eve too! My sister in law started a tradition last year that each Christmas Eve would be the night of CECC (christmas eve crab cakes, that is). I missed out on the fun last year (hubby and I spend every other Christmas with his family) but this year - I was able to partake.

Yum. They were delicous.

And since this is already rambling, let me just say that Gossip Girl is stressing me out! Why, oh why can't at least ONE of them be happy? And WHERE is Nate?! :)

La Petite Chic

What a fabulous few weeks you had! I'm so jealous that you get to see Britney!


That dress is just DARLING!!!

As are your fur babies... :)

Glad to hear things are going well. Oops, my laundry is calling!


That dress is so fab

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