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January 26, 2009



Ha! Sounds like it's time for you to Cali!!! Get Colby's boss on the phone, I'll talk to him myself.


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Winter be gone! :)


Could you please sign my name to this letter as well? Except maybe change the salutation to "While you sleep motherfucker,".


Hehe. I know this probably doesn't help, but I do think that the weather has gotten worse each winter I've been here -- or at least more of these "catastrophic" events wit the snow/rain. Part of it is b/c you live outside the main city, so you get far more crap down there than we do in the downtown area.


So. I recently wrote that post about winter, not sure if you saw it.

I like this much better. Because in all honesty? I effing HATE winter. Like, a lot. I'm so sick of it. I want to cry. I want to whine. I want to wear flip flops and tshirts.

Maybe being near my family isn't worth winter.


If I were a really mean person, I'd tell you that I ran errands on my lunch hour with the sunroof open. You know, to allow the fresh air, sunshine, and 66 degree temp in. But I'm not. So I won't.

(You could always come home... :) )

Operation Pink Herring



Whatever you do, please don't send it here!


Nice. I couldn't agree more. Goodbye winter. Hello April? Let's work together to make this happen. We're due for up to 6 inches of snow on Wed PLUS a 100% chance of an additional wintery mix throughout the next day. Ugh. Tahiti, I hear you calling our names.

The Incubator

I think this is the part where I say, "I told you so!"


i'm quite ready for spring. yeah spring sounds nice :)


I want to break up with winter too. We're so on a time out.


I'm with you! Goodbye winter, I'm going on strike!

And also, the summers don't really warrant that title either. I completely agree. I miss those days where you don't even have to where a light jacket to get by.Oh, I miss my convertible too.



Okay - you definitely need to get away to a nice tropical place for a step daughters live in Seattle and I know how freaking-freezing it can get!

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