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January 08, 2009



Sounds like you have reason to be grumpy. I'm glad someone was able to check on the dogs. I would've been crazy with worry. I hope you get home tomorrow.


I'd be downing the red wine too, after a day like that! Hope tomorrow's better :)


The positive: at least you'll probably come back to freshly-washed floors.


I'm sorry for the flooding situation love. Isn't it always the way it goes. Boy goes out of town. Something happens. I'm so glad that you have a good friend to shelter you AND a great pal to hop fences and save your pups. It's okay to be grouchy - you're totally entitled to it. Hugs.

A Super Girl

Tomorrow (well today, now) IS another day ;-)


Oh my!!!! I hope everything's ok!! Chin up!


Oh my! How frustrating! I am such a creature of habit, it would kill me to be unexpectedly away from home. Hope the doggies survived (they probably caught up on Tivo and ate all your bon bons while you were gone...) :)


You poor thing! I hope everything turned out ok.


Ugh, that sucks! I hope you're able to get back home soon. So far, we've been pretty lucky up here.


oh no that stinks. i hope you're able to get back in tomorrow and your house and dog are okay.


What?! How frustrating. Glad someone could check on your dogs. I would be crazy with worry!

Kate P

Hopefully things are still good!


Oh my goodness, Angela! That's so frustrating and scary! I'm glad a friend was able to go to y'alls house to put the dogs inside. And I hope it's OK.

Have you gotten to go home yet?


Oh wow- how scary! Please know that you are always welcome here too, OK?

We live up so high that we never have to worry about that stuff.

I've read your next blog (reading stuff backward is weird..) and now you're OK. I'm glad your place didn't get flooded.


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