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December 12, 2008



Brrrr - I'll be thinking warm thoughts for you! Wear two pairs of gloves! :)


I think we might be heading over there next weekend, so if you wind up getting delayed b/c of bad roads -- let me know! I would say that the upside is that if the roads freeze, we work from home, except that never seems to apply to my neighborhood.


Snow? Bring it.

The Incubator

I think we have some left over snowmen in the neighborhood I could send your way to add to the festivities! Also, I could sell you a holly tree really cheap;) Yes, I LOVE snow!


Good lord that is going to be cold. Hopefully once the cold sets in you will just get warm and fuzzy, which is also signs of hypothermia, so be careful and take pictures!


oh man that's just so cold. hope you have fun though and stay warm! :)


Oh, boo. That sucks, especially since you don't want it to snow.

I spent a good majority of my day yesterday outdoors in it. And while it's pretty, that stuff is effing cold! Bundle up, lady!


I hope you're having a lovely time! I have gotten soft down here in Sunny Southern California. Went to Syracuse, NY last week and got 18" of snow. Yikes.


No sympathy. Our HIGH today was 5 degrees. Five. Mostly it was closer to 2.


I love long underwear. There, I said it.

I also want to point out one of the great advancements in meteorology of the last 15 years: the "RealFeel" or "Feels Like" prediction. Whoever invented that algorithm should get a medal.

Enjoy your Bavarian Getaway!

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