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December 02, 2008



Welcome back. :-) Hope you are feeling better soon!

The Incubator

Birthday + Christmas - List = NO GIFTIES!


Wow, that's a whole lotta sick!


You looked great in your Halloween costume and I bet that looked awesome with your eyes. What a bummer to be sick three times in a month -- I hope December is much better for you.


I LOVE that you have more than one Christmas tree. It is just so decidedly you. :)


I worked with kids for years.

I got sick.

I don't work with kids this year.

I don't get sick.

But I love kids! What's a girl to do?

(Also, I am considering working at the Y next year after this job. Considering.)

A Super girl

What a crappy November! On the plus side, congrats on taking the new job (and the new pay) and for hanging in there through what sounds like a trial by fire situation.

I hope December is much better. I do agree on the hibernation part, though.


oh goodness lady i hope you stay healthy for the rest of the year. and i'm with you, so ready for decemeber and all of the holidayness, woo.


Welcome back! I hope you pick up your Hills recap again. I miss them, especially with the news of Heidi's elopement.


*hugs* November knocked me out, too.

Here's to hoping December is a lot better!


Well, aren't you the cutest little thing? (big surprise- you're cute no matter WHAT you wear and I hate/love you)

I'm SO proud of you on your promotion! That's fabulous!!!!!

Maybe after my last day, we can have lunch together sometimes during YOUR lunch break and my "eh- might as well leave the house" break.



Nice job surviving this last month. Stay healthy in December!

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