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December 18, 2008


The Incubator

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Love, love the photos -- Looks just like Baton Rouge about a week ago!!!! Agreeing with you on that Santa -


Aww - such a sweet set of photos. It looks like it was so much fun! Mitch and I recently went to the "Wild Lights" display at the zoo (in St. Louis) and there's something about walking around a light display that makes you feel like a kid again. :)



What a great entry.

See, being a teacher will ROCK. Because you have summers off, as well as snow days and breaks!



Yay birthday. Your present will most definitely be late, but it will be there!


I think you got your wish today -- it's even worse than yesterday (or at least it is up here). We were planning to go to Leavenworth this Saturday but now it's too cold and the roads will be nasty. Maybe you guys can do an encore in January for your show?

Keep me posted about Sunday and whether we're still on :)


okay that christmas festival looks like so much fun! i miss the snow and all the wintery fabulousness that comes with it. and hope you have a most amazing birthday celebration that goes all weekend long :)


Agree - hot buttered rum sounds way better than it is.

I love that there's snow falling in those pictures. It's a winter wonderland!


I'm sorry the snow day wrecked your program. I'm sure it would have been a big hit. A wise colleague once told me to never worry about programs because to their parents, kids are cute just standing on a stage.

Birthday! Enjoy! :)

Miss Musing

I just found your blog! It's great. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I'll definitely be back :)




Okay that is awesome. I love your pictures and yes that Santa is very pretty. Jealous you guys got a snow day, they need one for people with office jobs too.


Have I told you recently that you take some really spectacular photos?

And yes, the Santa you picked out is/was pretty. :)


Happy belated birthday! Your winter outing looks mighty fun.


Those photos are great! Make the farm house into your Christmas card next year and put a little clear glue on the roof of the house with some glitter---pretty snow! The Santa was lovely-you were right :)


I grew up near Leavenworth. I remember when the tree lighting was only a one day event, the first Saturday in December.

Living here in Florida I miss the snow every now and then. But then I get into my pool in December and that feeling goes away!! LOL


I *love* *love* *love* the photos! You're totally right about that Santa- he's gorgeous (and so are you!)

Having you over for Christmas Eve was really wonderful. You're just like part of the family to us.



I'm loving these photos, even though it was ridiculously chilly! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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