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December 04, 2008



sounds like a great list to me. so many movies, i love it! i always ask for so many movies :)


If I could find a way to make a living by watching nothing but Sex and the City 8 or more hours a day, I would do so happily. Love that series. I'm thinking it will probably never get old!


I adore that white coat.

I want it.

Why the heck is it so darn expensive!?



... Is it bad that I want all the things on your wish list, as well? They'd be awesome!

Here's to hoping you get lots of things on it!


I have been wanting the Anne of Green gables collection since I was, oh, 7?

I think if I add it to my list my family may shoot me. Mostly b/c my list is way too long already.

Kate P

I love the smell of jasmine--I'll bet that L'occitane set smells wonderful.


I remember getting the gian Sears catalogue and going page by page writing looooong lists for Santa. Somehow it didn't disappoint me when I got very few things on the list.


This year I had a hard time making my Christmas list. I mean, I love presents and opening them and getting a lot of them so I opted to go a little more affordable this year so I get more of them. Your list looks great!

Heidi Renée

Anne of Green Gables is on my list, too! I saw part of it on PBS a few weeks ago and wanted to see the rest so bad! We taped it on VHS back in the day, but those are long since gone. Oh, Gilbert Blythe. The funny thing is, I saw the guy who played him in a stage play several years ago, and he was all chubby and not so boyishly hot. But I still love him anyway because I've gotten chubby, too!


I love the ivory jacket. Drool....

I'm done with all of my Christmas shopping except for Cameron. Why? Because Cameron hasn't given me his list. He's going to end up with something he doesn't like if he doesn't get on it already.

Can't wait to see you!!



I love the black and white dress! Too bad I can't fit my butt into it! I think I'm getting the Sex and the City Movie for Christmas in my stocking ;)

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