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October 06, 2008



I'm happy this weekend was better than the last. The wine tasting party sounds absolutely wonderful -- I wish we had some vineyards around here. And Alice in Wonderland always terrified me. My sister loved it, though.


Ugh our washer broke and we spent tons of time trying to fix it ourselves. NOT a good idea.

Glad you're feeling a little better. I hate that moody yucky depression feeling a lot.

Hey, I have a question for you about traveling shoes. We're off to China in three weeks and I was curious to know how your shoe choices for Italy turned out . . .


Oooh, how'd you like the salted caramel hot chocolate!?

I LOVED it! (Uh, until I checked the calories. BAD. IDEA.)

That sounds like a delightful weekend!

Mine was relaxing and fun - lots of time outside enjoying fall!


Oh - Now you are forcing me to see if Netflix has that movie... They have it! I've added it to my queue, which led to adding Neverending Story AND Flight of the Navigator. (When I worked at Disney I was a tour guide and the ship from Flight of the Navigator was on my tour everyday). :)

My weekend was great - hubby is out of the town on business, so I had lots of quality time with my mom. We even went on a 5 mile hike! (See blog for pics, it was fun!) Except for the mosquitos and SNAKES.

:) Becky


yo quiero taco bell!

We spent the weekend with colicky baby girl. :) But you know, all this stuff is worth it.

Fraulein N

I thought I was the only kid who liked that movie! (Actually, I thought I was the only kid who'd SEEN it. I should have known my Internet Twin would love it too.) That Jabberwocky scared the HELL out of me.


Aww I love Alice in Wonderland. Sounds like a great weekend, cheers to that!

Kate P

Kudos on kicking back *and* kicking out the schoolwork! (At a former job I worked with a woman whose last name was Barefoot and we always joked about that wine.)

My weekend was. . . weird. And next weekend is a paper weekend for me!


I hope Tim Burton brings his A game when he makes this movie.


mmm... wine tasting... sounds good! Mix that with Alice in Wonderland and pretend the homework was done by magical mice, and that's the perfect weekend!


oooh yay for wine tasting. i so want to do that again it was so fun last time i went.

sounds like a lovely weekend :)


I don't think I've seen that version of Alice, but I have to admit I'm looking forward to the Tim Burton version with Johnny Depp. Glad to hear things are getting better for you :)


I adore the old live action Alice in Wonderland. Your post makes me want to buy it now!


Ha! I like Gnarly head too! Well, when my palate decides to like wine, anyway.

I think I might have caught that Alice in Wonderland version- I vaguely remember Scott Baio.

I'm TOTALLY looking forward to the Tim Burton version. That guy is a genius.

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