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October 08, 2008



That's what the inside of MY head looks like, too! And why can't you be going to Boston NEXT weekend?!?!

La Petite Chic

Hang in there, hon!


Take care of yourself.

Blogging's not all that important. :)


Hey, I'm excited we still got a post. And, I have to be honest... I don't watch the Hills!

Don't you worry - I have plenty of other guilty pleasure shows (Gossip Girl, Tori & Dean, Jon & Kate +8, Girls Next Door)... but I've just never gotten into the Hills.

Have fun in Boston - hubby just got back from there (for a work conference). He was freezing because all he brought were shorts and t-shirts. Sigh. Boys.
:) Becky

Michelle & the City

ugh i hate that crazy feeling! i was like that the past 2-3 weeks until our new website finally launched at work. i even have time now to take an occasional 5 minute breather! it'll come soon for you i'm sure!


Oh wow, that's what my head is doing too! Seriously, life is crazy and hectic and overwhelming for me right now, so I totally understand how you are feeling. Lots of love and hugs!


i feel ya on the overwhelming life right now. sometimes i feel like my brain is doing something like that too. however if you watch the hills it will make you feel a whole lot better about your life because you're not as dumb as heidi, haha.

Kate P

Yikes! I hope the kids are calmer tomorrow. That's awesome your Memere is celebrating her 90th b-day. Your schoolwork will get done. The Hills can wait.


Aww, Angela. That's not good. When it rains, it pours, and whenever someone is out of town, it always seems like things are crazy.

Deep breaths, happy thoughts, and you'll be in Boston in no time. *hugs*

A Super Girl

How funny because I've been hesitant to read your blog b/c I've been too busy to watch the Hills and didn't want to see your recap until I had. But then I finally decided that I probably wouldn't get to watch it and I should read your recap instead. Only to find out your head is in the same explosive mode mine is!

Good luck with getting it all in, just keep pushing forward!


Hang in there. Kids are annoying and delightful at the same time. I hope things settle down for you soon.


I'm so sorry this has been a crappy week. It's hard when you don't have someone there to lean on. I'm glad you get a chance to go to Boston and see some family this weekend. Congratulations on doing school, working full time, having a life AND blogging.
Feel better soon!

Anonymous G

We weren't offered French in 5th grade where I come from. (sheesh!)

Thursday, one cute little kindergartener broke her wrist. (I'm no doctor, but when they cry that long and hard I just know it's a fracture)(It took her parents over an hour to get there, even though they're in law enforcement in town)(She came to school in a cast yesterday).

Just keep juggling and you'll be in Boston soon. It all comes together, somehow..doesn't it?



I hate that drowning feeling, wondering if you're ever going to get your air back. Hopefully the vacation will do the trick :)

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