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October 28, 2008


Anonymous G

The dress is lovely...A perfect way to celebrate your new position as Site Director! (Should you decide to accept the offer.)(Which I think you should, because it's a great opportunity for you to grow and is not SO far outside your comfort zone)

I think this would be so good for you, as long you as you think you'll still have the time you need for your studies.

But whatever you decide, I congratulate you for being recognized for your awsome-ness. :)


It was SO great to see you!

Love you!


Hey, if you take the position, you'll have more money for eBay auctions! :D


Having the position of site director will look fabulous on your resumé! Just another thing to consider!

A Super Girl

Two words: DO IT!!!!!!


Oh, you should take the job! It's only a few hours in the morning, and you'll still have time during the day to do schoolwork, read some blogs, take a nap, and hang with Colby. Plus, it'll give you a little more experience in the teaching and managing arena. I think that's awesome, and it's such a great thing to add to a resume!

Old Warrior

There are those who impose their own version of the Peter Principle by avoiding new levels of responsibility and those who have as the the answer to every question, "Can you do XYZ?", is "Of course I can! What was it you wanted me to do again, so I can get started?" And some people just seem to constantly back in (We call it crawfishing down here in the bayous)to great adventures.

My recollection being a bookish couch potato who decided to take JROTC in high just to avoid sweating in gym class. And then, somehow, was the Battalion and Drill Team Commander three years later with a full four-year Air Force scholarship to the college of her choice.

Opportunity knocks, but you have to open the door.



That's a huge deal.

So much to weigh. On one hand - yeah resume!! A director position means more responsibility and might set you ahead of the crowd.

On the other hand - tripling your hours is TOUGH. I have no doubts that you'd rock at your job - and love these new kids JUST as much, but working more is hard. Especially with a long commute.

Okay, no more unsolicited advice!! :)

Operation Pink Herring

I totally understand your hesitancy, as a devout comfort zone lurker myself. Kudos to you for getting sucn an offer, regardless of whether you take it or not!

still in turkey

just because it's on sale, doesn't mean that you're saving money


No matter what you decide, congratulations on being asked! That is just great and such a compliment on your work ethic!
:) Becky


Just think- you could wear the new dress to your new job!


I say trust your gut. Unless your gut tells you to eat an entire package of striped shortbread cookies like mine does, in which case you should probably just flip a coin.


My first instinct is to say "Take the job!". I'm always up for new experiences. But Congratulations, no matter what you decide. :)


I say go for it! It sounds like an adventurous move.


Go for it. Give it a shot and if it doesn't work out, you can always look for something else :) Never hurts to try.


That's a nice dress :) In all honesty, it sounds like you've made up your mind to not take the position in light of the other things you have going on (if you have to second guess getting a raise, it's probably not worth it).


Still in Turkey made me laugh!

I agree with the caution that it will be a real adjustment period. Not just the total hourage but the 5 am wakeups. Even if others seem to manage it, it's still brutal! But that doesn't mean it's not worth it, and you can get used to anything.

Questions to ask: Is it a step that you would take for its own sake, like, "yay, I'm awesome, I should be in a management position," or is it a step that actually takes you in a direction you want to go, even an exploratory one? Money is money, but you're building a career. Strategy vs. tactics, as some might say.


That dress? It would look FAB on you. Oh how I wish I could wear stuff like that.

So, what did you decide on the promotion? That's really quite a feather in your cap that you were asked so soon after starting there. You are certainly an impressive gal! I'll be waiting to hear what you've decided.

It was so fun to be with you and G last weekend. I don't see you nearly enough.



If I were in your shoes, I don't think I would know what to do, either. :/ But the dress is fabulous. And either way, you're going to be wonderful.


I'm way late to the party, but I hope the decision makes you happy. Getting the offer is terribly cool by itself.


I've been so bad about commenting lately, but I'm hoping to catch back up now that my new site is up. I say TAKE IT--and by that I mean, the job and the dress. If the job doesn't work out, well, you gave it a shot and you can probably scale back. And the job will give you a lot more moolah to buy more cute dresses (and shoes!)

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