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October 21, 2008



You're a dedicated one.

Always sticking with the Hills no matter how annoying or crazy it is. :)


i totally agree that we know too much from the tabloids before it airs, that it just makes stuff not as interesting. like heidi and spencer breaking up? yeah right, we still see them and their dumb antics everywhere. and audrina moving out and lauren and heidi making up? man just fast forward the season to the good stuff already.

oh and i do not like justin bobby, gah what a dbag.


You are dedicated for sticking with the show. I have to admit, it's about one step away from being deleted. Spencer is just so awful and his sister is such a doormat, it's painful to watch. I would rather focus on the MTV VJs that cover the hills, talk about douchebags. Seriously I can see their soul's disappearing.


I totally agree with you. "The Hills" this season is slowly sucking my soul out of my body.. and yet I can't seem to delete my Tivo season pass yet. Is it strange that nothing actually every happens on the show, yet they give the impression of serious drama going down all the time? Sigh. And the preview for next week.. with Audrina, Corey and Justin Bobby? Makes me want to poke myself in the eye with a pencil.... or eat a lot of candy and roll my eyes at the girls who are so desperately in love with awful, awful boys.

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