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October 25, 2008



You are going to look super fierce in the dress. Definitely go with the black shoes.


Wow, I LOVE THAT DRESS. Seriously. Gimme.

Is it real? I mean, I know it's a real dress, but is it vintage? Please say it is. I want it to be. And then the next time I see you, you have to let me wear it and drink and dance and sing.

Ok, sorry. Enough of that.

Down to business. Black shoes. Most definitely black shoes. You usually pick the one I don't say, though, so you'll probably end up with the brown... which is fine. But I think the black would go better, and those flowers are just so darn cute.

Red lipstick: Lauren Carter loves this lipstick. She swears by it! I'd say femme noir or rouge noir.

Good luck! Seems so fun!


I like the black shoes... I think it'll look better with your stockings too.


I don't do red lipstick, but black shoes def.


I really love the Dress!!! I am so excited to get to spend Halloween with you! I vote for the black shoes. I think that wearing the brown would detract from the most important things about the outfit.


No advice on the red lipstick, because one, I don't do lipstick and two, well, I don't do lipstick. Ever.

Regarding the shoes though, I say black :)


I'd go for the black shoes. I don't really have any idea about red lipstick. I'm really pale too and I feel like every time I try to pull off red lips I look like a kid playing dress up. :(


black gemma! cool dress :)

Heidi Renée

I have similar coloring to you, and my favorite red lipstick is Clinique Colour Surge Bare Brilliance in Ruby Glass. It's sheerer, and not matte, so it doesn't make pale girls look clownish. All of Clinique's Bare Brilliance lipsticks are fabulous, actually.

I totally love that you name-dropped Daisy Buchanan. From one of my favorite books/authors ever!

Kate P

Great idea for a costume. I vote for black shoes, for the evening reason.

I'm brunette but very fair-skinned, and I more often wear gloss than lipstick so it's not as intense. Just discovered Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey thanks to a sample in "Allure." (I will have to check out Heidi Renee's suggestion!) I also like Rimmel Underground's Loud Mouth lip gloss (comes in a pot) in Kiss of Death. Hey, that sounds good for Halloween.


I say go with teh black shoes, and as for the red lipstick, I just saw one that Stila had that was pretty cute. It was kind of expensive, but way cute and you could really dress up a plain black dress in the future.

Heather B.

Go with the black shoes. As for the lipstick, go with a stain. It won't look so five dollar hooker-ish.


Dude. The BLACK shoes. With back-seam stockings (which you should be able to find at VS, by the way), you will look smokin'. Will Colby be back? Because I think you're giving him a reason to come home ASAP ;-)


I love both shoes. Which would fit better with your current wardrobe, since Halloween is only one night.


Here's an article on red lipstick:

And another:,21770,1635060,00.html

Also, wear the black shoes. Way cuter.

(BTW, on your recommendation I bought a pair of Sofft shoes-- they are the best!!)


I think that the black shoes will work better. And no help on the lipstick, but you could look through Revlon selection, sometimes they have different shades of red/maroon. I find that darker shade of red works for pale people like us. ;-)

Can't wait to see the Halloween pictures!


I don't wear lipstick.

All I know is - you have a kick ass costume.



looks like we'll be matching this halloween! granted your shoes are way cuter (i vote on the black ones) and your dress is actually colorful, i sort of really love it. can't wait to see the finished product :)


I would do black with that color -- that will look so nice with your eyes. IN all honesty, not sure I'd do red with that turquoise color but even then, the shades vary by each person's skin tone so what looks good on me will probably look like crapola on you. For me to get the red tone that I like, I actually have to blend a red with a brown.


For the lips, you have to go to Walgreens and get Wet & Wild in every shade of red they offer, then go home and try them on in multiple lights. THEN you are in a position to choose the one that looks best on you and, if you are so inclined, upgrade to a quality product.

But mixing red with brown is a good idea, too.


So... get posting the pictures of YOU in the costume. Inquiring eyes want to see!

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