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September 22, 2008



Ugh - the dumb, dumb militray. I feel your pain on the Air Force woes. Navy people alwayshave the idea that the AF is more organized. Hope Colby can hang in there. I know how Rich would NOT take well to a non-flying deployment. (i.e. main reason for leaving active duty) In the end, though, Im happy to here he is still in the safer location A. Safer is good even if its boring.

I like the bullet point style post.


Stupid Air Force. Colby must be so disappointed.

Okay, I have an idea for keeping track of your laps. It's really obnoxious, but I can't think of anything else! Wear sixteen rubber bands on one wrist. Then as you make each lap, transfer a band to the other wrist. Or bring a sharpie and make tally marks on your arm!


Wow, four times. :) That will definitely be impressive! I have been so busy trying to find a job that I'm lucky to get in 2 or 3 posts a week.

Had to laugh at your howler reference, btw. I'm on to book 7 & can't hardly help myself from devouring the book as quickly as possible! (This is my second time reading it).

:) becky

A Super Girl

I often think bullets are the best way to go. Easy to follow and great for the Internets!

Also, I just got my first pedicure in August and had avoided it for some of the same reasons you did. But, they really are the best thing ever!


Gee, I hope that track is banked, or you'll have bigger problems than shin splints.

I just got myself a pair of Nike+ shoes, and paid the extra $30 to get the Nike+ iPod attachment. I still need to calibrate it to my stride but I'll let you know how it is. If you get something like that - there are lots of devices, pedometers, GPSs, etc. that can calculate your distance so you won't have to even think about laps.

When I'm counting laps in the pool, I sing songs in my head, like The Twelve Days of Christmas or This Old Man (Knick Knack Paddywack).


Dude I am seriously jealous of your free gym membership. That is insane. Lucky! FYI: I hear you about having trouble putting thoughts in a linear post. Ugh so much effort.


yay for pedicures, i absolutely love them.

and boo on the airforce and their dumbness, boo indeed.

Operation Pink Herring

I love when people ask questions I can actually answer. Tried and true method for counting laps: run the first lap along the inside line, the second lap in the middle of the first lane, third lap on the line between first and second lanes, fourth lap in the second lane, et cetera. It doesn't work so well if the track is crowded, though.


Hang in there with the deployment stupidity. It doesn't get better, but it doesn't last forever.

Also, you don't need the Nike+ shoes to use the Nike+ stuff. I put my sensor in a $5 key pocket that velcros around the shoelace loops and it works just fine.

Spa pedicure... ooooooooh... haven't had one of those in FOREVER!!! Sounds wonderful!


I'm sorry for your Air Force woes. I feel your pain! Like M said above... it won't last forever, at least!

My indoor track is 18 laps. Sometimes I think keeping track of the laps is more of a work out than actually running them...

Holy cow, I nearly died watching the LSU/Auburn game last weekend. Sooners were on buy week, so I had to settle for the next best... BF's cousin coaches at LSU!


Never... never had a pedicure before??? How did that happen, woman? Foot-aversion is no excuse. Better get crackin' on making up for lost time.

BTW- LOVE the expression brown chicken brown cow, too. Maybe I should explore some alternate career paths!


16 laps for 1 mile? I'd rather run to the Alpaca farm myself! Thanks for the polish tip--I'll have to watch for that shade. Sounds pretty!


I agree. Pedicures are phenomenal! It's the ultimate form of female pampering.


Oy, I hate those indoor tracks that are 16 laps to the mile! That's how it is at my gym too. Unfortunately, I don't have any clever ways to keep track of the laps, except after each one I say, "one down, two down, etc..."


I wish that kind of decision making were really just limited to the government. How frustrasting! I hope Phantom is really good. I've seen it on tour and on Broadway and have to admit that I found the latter to be quite better...but I saw the tour about 13 years ago in Dallas so it might be different.


I looove OPI. Love it. And I own way too much of it for how much it costs. I broke a bottle on my last TDY (stupid baggage people) and almost cried.

Sorry about the AF. Stinks that its Colby, but it could be worse...hahaha, imagine if they didn't have the force shaping! Phew! Every once in a while that crosses my mind and I shiver...


I <3 pedicures. They are wonderful! I am very ticklish in my arches though so the attendant really has to press hard otherwise I will laugh so hard I cry. You have crossed over to OUR side, now just don't get a pedi once a week though! HA

As for the AirForce--boo hiss!

Anonymous G

I love pedicures.

What's a howler??



OK, confession time. I'm 48 years and (counts fingers) 9 months old and I've NEVER had another person touch my feet. I really need to do the pedicure thing sometime but the idea of people touching my feet kind of skeeves me.

Even more skeevish, those fish that eat dead skin? So glad they banned that from this state. I get the willies even thinking of it.

YAY! I'm caught up on your life (sorta... let's do dinner or something)

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