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September 08, 2008



Ooh. Am I the first?

Well, don't know much about exorcism- just wanted to say I love Army Wives. Sad but true. I should know better... :)


I, too, love Army Wives, and fully intend to adhere myself to the couch this morning to watch it on DVR (do NOT write a spoiler until about 7:00am PST!).

As for exorcism, here's a link:

Yeah, I know, the Catholic Church strikes again :-)


I do this ALL the time. I'll randomly open a closet and find a stash of papertowels/lightbulbs/cat toys/etc. that I put there so I'll remember them only to immediately forget they're there.
And I love Army Wives too!

Fraulein N

Maybe first you could try politely asking the ghost to leave. I always try to be polite when there are possibly ghosts in the vicinity. The mister is much more forceful, i.e., "You gotta cut that shit out, now."

But I would stick with a polite request for now, especially as you're home solo.


OOOHHHH, spooky! Not sure what to tell ya. Know a priest or something? :) Oh, and I always remember where my light bulbs are at. Considering I have only bought one three pack in two years it doesn't really matter---love those energy saving bulbs! By the way, love your sunglasses in your profile photo and I have some fun news on my place. eeeeee! :)


okay that is just creepy. i would have been freaked out too, shudder.

Kate P

"All I had is oregano and a Fresca." (Reference from "Friends" where Phoebe asks Monica for sage branches and sacramental wine.) I'm convinced all my light bulbs get damaged on the way home from the store.

I follow "Mad Men"--it's like some compelling, horrifying train wreck I can't look away from.


Well, that sucks. As far as excorcising the ghost who has decided to take up residence in your home, I've got nothing.

Maybe something is wrong with your lamp?


Yes, but did you at least remember where the stash was the second time? :) I also usually have to check a couple of places for my stash whenever one goes out.

I also watch Mad Men -- totally different from working at an agency in 2008.


I swear to this day that my college dorm room was haunted... there were WAY too many things that happened unexplainably! :)

As far as exercising, I have tried the "Walk away the pounds" dvds and while they're pretty silly (it just feels weird to me when I walk in place) the three-mile one actually gets me sweating! They're quick because you can just pop in a 1,2, or 3 miler and do it in the privacy of your own home - so no weather excuses. :)

:) Becky
p.s. Can't wait to hear about Disney! I used to work there and hubby & I are planning a trip in February!



I just realized you said exOrcising, not exErcising...


:) Becky


Oh man, I would have been freaking out like you would not believe if that happened to me! Creepy! Did it work the last time??


Yeah that would creep me out. I hate it when it pops once the bulb dies. Scares me every time.


That is really weird. REALLY weird. It sounds like you're not horribly freaked out by it. I would be more curious than freaked.

How are your parents? Did they make it through the hurricane OK?

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