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September 26, 2008


Kate P

Happy blog b-day to you, and many more!


Happy Bloggy Birthday!


Happy Blog-iversary!

The Incubator

Happy blog birthday to you, however, I notice that I still have not received my compensation for the renaming of your lovely self! Not that I'm waiting ---

Anonymous G

Happy Bloggyversary!

I, for one, am glad to have it (you) around. Ya know, for me to keep in touch. And to be amused and enthralled by your humorous and insightful tellings of your little slice of life.



Congrats to one of my favorite bloggers--and many more!

Fraulein N

Dang, you keep busy. Happy Blogiversary!


Quite the year! Congrats on this milestone!


What an amazing recap! If I did that, it would be recycled posts of
1. I bonked my head
2. I'm working too hard
3. I'm tired

I'm so darned predictable.


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