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September 28, 2008



I'm with you on most of these. But my love of The Notebook, which is completely against my character, is strong.


Don't feel guilty about wanting shoes or traveling rather than a baby...these are things you have every right to do before such an important responsibility.

Also, I am bothered by my last remaining grandfather who never remembers my birthday or christmas. You're not alone there :)

Great post!


Sometimes when I hear people are getting a divorce, I'm sad... but secretly think they never should have gotten married to begin with. (Because I know better than them, right?)

I think you're perception of "fat" or "thin" is exactly what it should be. How you feel is what matters!

I don't know how I feel about boob jobs, any kind of surgery terrifies me, and if you were going under the knife I'd be worried for sure, but I wouldn't judge you!

Politics... zzzz...

What if playboy paid you in a boob job?

You'll have kids. You love them so much it's inevitable. But there's no rush! You've got plenty of time.

Traveling and shoes are more important to you right now. One day they won't be! Then you should start baby makin'.

You do have the talent. You have so much talent you don't know what to do with it. You are pretty awesome.

Death. What's up with that?

We're all a little shallow. I mean, is ANYONE really a Melanie Wilkes?

I think we all have regrets... you just have to realize that the choices you made make you who you are today. And your life is pretty awesome. Butterfly effect.

I'm disappointed too.

I like the costumes in the Notebook. I want her entire wardrobe. Yep.

Longest comment back I've given you ever! xox


I am struggling with the baby thing right now. I'm ready to get pregnant, until I see really cute shoes that I want to buy! I'm actually writing a post about it right now!

And I can't stand The Notebook.


I hate The Notebook, too!

Do they ever show their "real" relationship? No. Just the young romance. Grrr. It pisses me off, for some reason.

Also, I'm with you on the baby thing. Not so much the shoes so much as the fact that I still like sleeping in SO much.


Don't feel guilty about the baby stuff... I am 28 and I rarely have maternal instincts, although I know some hopeful grandparents to be are on pins and needles and have been for years. I really don't think there is a "right" time to have a baby, but I definitely know what it feels like when it is not a good time. And, I really don't see why you can't care about babies, shoes, and traveling all at the same time. The baby will be stylish and worldly as a result!


I could have written every one of these word for word, except for the babies part(obviously! since my 3 babies aren't even babes anymore!), and I love the The Notebook.

Oh the boob a 32A who could actually buy bras at freaking Limited Too...this is one I dream about the most, but then that whole fear of dying thing kicks in....

Heidi Renée

I love your blog and your wedding pictures--the ivory dress is so striking!

I would do Playboy. I think it would be fun.

I used to be a small B cup, but have since gotten fat and ballooned to a D--it's a mixed bag of blessing and curse. Yes, I can fill things out nicely, but I also have trouble finding bras that fit just right and can't wear certain tank tops and cute dresses anymore. It's a tradeoff.

My mom had me when she was 26. Now that we're that age, my husband and I are super ambivalent about starting a family. We don't want our lifestyle to change, and it would have to...


I hate to say it but sometimes when I hear about people splitting up, I'm not surprised or sad. I mean I feel a little bad but sometimes not.

You do not want a boob job! Come on, you look great.


I'm more of a Trapper Keeper type of guy, notebooks are so 5th grade.


Great list! I found myself nodding in agreement at more than half the list :)


I love you. And I totally am with you on a lot of these, including the pants fitting properly, The Notebook, Playboy AND kids. And I want to get a lift after I have children because my ladies? Out of control.

I hope you're doing well!


I am 31 and I still don't know if I want kids. Biological clock? What biological clock? And if you want to travel and buy new shoes and don't want to spend your days wiping a tiny person's ass, don't feel guilty about it! :)


I say boob jobs are just fine, if they make you feel better about yourself! Plus, if it's post-kids, you'll want to hike the girls back up to a reasonable level;)

So with you on The Notebook. I could retch just thinking of it.


I say if you have the boob job now, at least you'll get many more years of enjoyment out of them until you wait until after kids. :)

I also say waiting to have kids.. well, I thought I'd be married after college to my college sweetheart and have had kids shortly after that and I didn't meet the love of my life until 35 and had my kid when i was 38 and all I can say is THANK GOD. I'm glad I traveled and did all I wanted to do. I wasn't ready either until I thought it was getting a bit late in the game. LOL

I have never seen the Notebook.

I would definitely pose for Playboy, maybe even for a million because then I could quit this damn job and take my hubby and child traveling! :)

I love it!



Every time I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (or kick hubby so he'll stop snoring) I think about how awful it would be to have to wake up and feed a baby at that moment. My sister assures me you just adjust, but I'm not so sure. It helps me realize that my current decision (waiting to TTC) is the right one for now!
:) Becky
p.s. whenever I think about death I just have to force myself to think about something else. I don't know what I really believe, but I DO know that there's no point in letting the topic give me anxiety because it's not like I have a choice in the matter.


I've never even seen the Notebook.


I can't get enough of politics, but if someone starts to be malicious towards one side or the other, that's when I turn away. That's just childish!

By recognizing you are not necessarily ready to have a kid because you'd rather travel and have hot heels right now makes you more ready to be a parent than a lot of people reproducing!

I may be the only female between the ages of 14-35 who has not seen the Notebook.


i sort of really love the notebook, haha. but that's okay we can still be friends :)

and i totally agree that pants can make or break how i feel that day. so very true.

Kate P

I wish I had time to make a less brief comment, but here's what I have: A good friend of mine says, "There is no 'perfect time' to have children," and I believe him. And you are awesome for saying you hate "The Notebook." A friend gave me the book for Christmas one year and I didn't even last five pages. When the movie came out, it sold on pronto.


I think you know that part of my problem with boob jobs is that the people who get them just make it harder for the rest of us flat chested girls to compete. But that's our problem, not theirs.

I kind of agree with the comment that if you're going to get them, you might as well get them with plenty of years to enjoy them, while you can still get away with hot little outfits. Get them ten years from now and you'll still have to cover up like a responsible 35 year old - what a waste.

I'm so skittish about body mutilation that I've never even gotten my ears pierced. Part of me wants to, but I think if I did I'd mostly just be sad that I didn't do it twenty years ago.


I love The Notebook. Do you not like it because all the hype around it and so many women do? Just curious. To each their own.

Politics I can't stand either. Blah.

I applaud you for the way you see yourself depending on if the clothes fit. That's the way it should be! Not the number on the scale. If things are a little snug then cut back, I noticed recently my stuff is a little snug. Great, no more Bunny Tracks ice cream :(


Noooooooo! Say it ain't so! I love The Notebook (the movie, not so much the book).

I have to admit that I think all women gauge another's attractiveness -- it seems to be instinctual, like men size up whether they can kick another man's ass.

I like this post -- I might have to borrow your idea :)


Reading your blog, I could see me a few years back. Honestly, you'll know when you're ready for a baby and don't regret that shoe thing--you're providing a service to us all with your great shoe advice. I'm shoe challenged and depend on you!

Here's mine, which I might blog about later today. It bugs the crap out of me that my daughter, who is usually so strong-minded, wants to dress as Wonder Woman because two other girls on the street are doing so. I keep pushing her to pick another costume and she keeps pushing back. I hate sameness...and yet, I wasn't that different when I was growing up either.


i also didn't like the notebook.


New bewbies are fun. True 'dat.

It sounds like you could use dinner with a friend right now. Want to set something up?

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