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September 16, 2008



this show is driving me nuts.

the end.


Oh yes we are suffering from a lack of Whitney goodness in our Hills lives. Spencer was on camera enough to be his usual douche-self and that was enough for me. The Justin Bobby drama drives me crazy.


Do you own any of The Hills on DVD? If so, do you have Season 3?

A Super Girl

As I was watching this week's episodes, I found myself making the same mocking observations you do each week. Your recaps must really be having an effect on me!


Lauren's little sage tidbits on life just crack my shit up. "You always miss a best friend." "Never cry about someone who wouldn't cry over you."

She's like fucking Confucius or something.

Heather B.

I was going to comment something about how although I didn't get to watch, with this recap I feel like I was there and able to witness Lo's vacant stares in real time. But then I read Stara's comment about her being "like fucking Confucius or something" and promptly started to crack the hell up. And now I have nothing intelligent left to say.


This entry cracked me up, especially about Whitney's big eyes, I too have noticed that.

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