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August 11, 2008



That shot looks dangerous. You are still upright so you must not have had any! :)

I saw bits of the opening ceremony and it was beautiful. that many people moving in harmony and the earth with the people moving around it. It was lovely. I agree with you about the clothes. I was even surprised with Ireland and their beige attire! They are so NOT beige. And lots of them looked like stewardess' outfits, did you notice?

I used to hate group projects for exactly the reason you mentioned. I was a procrastinator for my own project but for a group project, no way. What a pain in the ass! :) Glad it's over....



what the heck is that in your hand? is that the shot?!


Look at you in your cute dress. That is one serious shot! I laughed at your comments about running because they could have come out of my mouth as well. I go for a lull without running, then have to force myself back to it. The first mile starts of with "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this" and then I finish feeling so incredible I'm thinking, why haven't I done this in so long?

Maybe we're just gluttons for punishment?



I never find anything good at Marshall's, either.

I remember talking to a friend on the phone during the Turin opening ceremonies and laughing about how weird the whole thing was. Friday's opening ceremonies made up for it!


yay for finishing up the project and way to celebrate after, i would totally do the same thing, haha. and i love that jell-o shot...amazing.


When I was your age (heh), jello shots came in those little paper waffley cups and you had to slurp it out with your face. At least, that is what I've heard.

My latest favorite is a sour appletini. I know I am behind the curve on this one, but I resisted the "non martini" martinis for a long time. Next I should try that raspberry vodka--sounds yummy.


Raspberry vodka with lemonade is one of my favorites. I also love amaretto sours a lot.

I'm with you -- I rarely found anything that I can stand to put on at Ross, but I usually can't help but try to look.

I always hated group projects in school, there was always someone that slacked off, but usually the professor is smart enough to ask for peer grades so he/she finds out real quick who actually did the work.

Kate P

That happened to me once with being a week early on something due, but fortunately it was not a group thing. For once.

I have to check the local Chinese restaurant's menu to see if they offer anything "amazing," but I doubt it. At least yours tried.

Ross/TJMaxx is hit-or-miss for me. Other women in my family tend to do way better at getting all the deals--the gene must have skipped me. Although I lucked out last time and got a skirt that had been separated from its CK suit for $5. That's rare!

And that is one formal jell-o shot. :)


Shopping at Marshall's/TjMaxx is such an artform. You have to do it frequently to get the good stuff. The best of the clothes fly out the door because they get very few pieces and they are always displayed in a prominent highly visible area. BUT a bargain can always be found in housewares, stationary, shoes and the beauty products. That's where I always focus.

Can you believe I've not watched the Olympics yet?


Oooh come visit me and we'll hit Marshalls and TJ Maxx together. I am an expert at digging through the racks!



That sounds amazing.

(What an adorable picture, as well!)

Do you like your classes? Besides sucky group members, of course.


Marshall's definitely takes some digging around, and even then, you might not find anything worthwhile. I can always find something neat in the housewares section though!


So, it looks like I'm the only one who visited an Amish settlement this weekend? Imagine that.
:) Becky


I lost focus when I saw the Chinese. I haven't had legit greasy Chinese in SOOOOOO long.


Oh we had Chinese food the night of Olympics too, totally unplanned! There must be some kind of subliminal advertising going on. hehe


Oh and by the way, I used to work at TJM when I was in HS, and totally get what you are saying about the clothes. Although T is more classier than M, that's for sure!


Not that I am stalking you or anything, but I just noticed your heart shaped necklace. JCP?!

I got it a few weeks ago too, but wish it was on longer chain! Ok that's my last post for now. hehe


Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun! I just worked and walked the dog. Not exciting here.

I totally feel you on group projects. I had one this past semester, and I literally wanted to STRANGLE one chick in my group. Ugh. Happy thoughts. You're done with it, right?

Also, I'm jealous that you have a Marshalls. That's my fave bargain store, and we don't have one here.


OK, where's this Mexican restaurant? Mexican is my favorite food, so I need to try that.

I have to admit that I really hate the olympics (it's sports, no matter how you package it, right?) BUT, I did watch the opening ceremonies and agree- it was fantastic. BJ is watching it enough for the both of us.

The girl in your group? She sounds just like that guy I work with. I don't get people like that AT ALL. She is NOT going to be a success in the working world. But you sure are.

Congrats on the "A" honey. I'm not at all surprised.


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