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August 25, 2008



I've been trying to put together a grown-up trip to Disney for ages! Have extra fun for me.

Happy blogiversary! 500 posts is quite an accomplishment.

Best gift? Probably the GPS I got for Christmas last year. I would truly be lost without it.


Drawing a blank on the present thing, but HEY...thanks for the link to the reasonably priced cute clothing site! I go on Anthropologie a lot and look longingly at sale items that are still too much to not try on in person. (Don't have a store near me right now...)

Congrats on the great grades and congrats on the upcoming trip! Also, congrats on 500 posts--I for one am glad to have gotten to know you in the blogsphere.

Good luck with the interview!!!


BEST present? Gosh . . . that's hard. I've received a lot of really amazing presents over my life . . . I guess these are my favorites:

- My engagement ring
- My car
- A trip to see the Glenn Miller Band
- My Mother's Day potted plant
- My KitchenAid mixer
- My sewing machine
- Our honeymoon

Yep, a lot of amazing presents. Congratulations on 500 posts!


Congrats on 500 posts! I am such a fan of your blog...


Best present? I hate how shallow this makes me sound, but I hated my wedding rings. My engagement ring is a long story and my wedding band was a $40 afterthought and I never wanted to wear two rings. But on our 3rd anniversary my husband gave me the skinniest sparkliest wedding band and I LOVE IT. And I never asked him! The other rings live in the jewelry box, unless I have to dress up and then I bust out the engagement ring.

Congrats on the interview and 500 posts!


I freakin' LOVE that dress.

Me want.


Best presents!

The things that make me the most emotional are when people DO things for me, rather than give me things. Or if they're things, they're symbolic. High on my list:

- friends in college cleaned my room for me when they knew my parents were coming to visit (and I was scrambling to turn in a paper)
- pierced earrings from my dad on my 18th birthday (and permission to pierce my ears)

But the THING that's stood out in recent memory is this:

- after we'd spent an afternoon watching the infomercial for "Play Piano in a Flash," for my very next birthday, my boyfriend gave me an electronic piano. I was floored.


i love love the dress you bought, so cute!

and yay for girl partying and disneyworld, sounds fabulous my dear :)


I can only say this on someone else's blog, of course, but my Ex got me some really nice pieces of jewelry while we were married that I doubt I'll ever get from Ted (i.e. my current post about even an engagement ring). But now, I feel wierd wearing them, so they just sit in my jewelry box collecting dust.

Have fun at Disney World -- I'm jealous!


If you're not sure about transportation options (or tickets, for that matter -- I don't work at WDW anymore, but most of my friends still do and have silver passes), feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I can give you a few ideas.


Yay for such good grades in school! Quite impressive.


I got a pretty cool gift from a blog friend just this very week. ;-)

Other than that, my Sweetheart gave me a fabulous trip to for our first date. And it is as amazing as it looks. I guess not too many people have a three day first date, but so be it.


I love Francesca's too, but EVERYTHING I buy there like barely covers my ass!

Kate P

Happy blogiversary and congrats on post #500!!!

I was wondering if anybody had been to a Francesca's Collections store yet--I came across one for my work but it's over in New Jersey so I just looked at the site and sighed.

It sounds silly, but the best gift I've received was the dollhouse my parents made for me one Christmas when I was a kid. It was completely unexpected--they made it and kept it hidden at a neighbor's house. It also was bigger than me, so I walked right past it on Christmas morning and they had to tell me to go back and open it. Right now it is safely stored in my parents' attic and I hope someday I will have a daughter who will enjoy it, too.

Hope the interview went well!


Congrats on the 500th post! Woo! Here's to another 500.


Aww, yay! It sounds like a lovely weekend. I'm uber jealous of your girl time (alas, I have no girlfriends here just yet) and those drinks. They sound utterly delish!

I hope the interview went well and that you're prepared for Disney. It'll be fun!

The best gift I've probably ever received was from the boy this Christmas. He got student tickets to the National Championship game, and while he told me he was giving his second one to his dad, he actually gave it to me. And after waking up at 4 am to leave BR and be standing in line by 6 am, we were on the second row of the student section. And it was incredible.


Disneyworld? I promise not to tell Dave... who is a total maniac about Disney. Those resorts are something else, though.

Best gift ever... hmmmm...
Plane tickets home

Congrats on 500 posts!


I am SO jealous you get to go to Disney World! I was there back in 2005 for Thanksgiving week. I had an absolute blast and I want to go back again. I loved loved loved Epcot with all the countries and shops. Eat at Japan and go inside the Inca looking structure in Mexico because it's awesome in there--the food doesn't even have tacos if I remembe right--they serve actual Mexican food. Sorry, I like my Double Decker taco from Taco Bell ;)


Best present ever?

Possibly a CD my then-boyfriend, now-husband made me when I was studying abroad. He wrote, sang, played and recorded all the songs himself. FOR ME.

For Valentine's Day.

He's the best, really.

Fraulein N

Congrats on the 500 posts and your awesome grades. I think the best present I ever got was a PDA from the mister. I wasn't expecting it at all, and the damn thing is so USEFUL.


It's so hard to pick just one fabulous gift, but I keep thinking back to my engagement ring. Also, my DSLR from my parents :)


Happy 500 and congrats on the great grades! As your Internet mom, does this mean I have to give you paypal dollars for every A? ;)

I love the stuff you bought from Francesca's so I popped over there to check it out. They have some awesome necklaces. I'm TOTALLY getting into the necklaces- wearing more than one at a time and am loving it.

I have been buying necklaces like crazy and now I have to go find a new jewelry box.

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