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August 27, 2008



Lo's comment in the car about how 'the important people are getting along' was really a highlight. In that it just highlights what a low person she is. Seriously? I'm not a 'team audrina!' or 'team lo' person but I'm finding it hard to find good Lo qualities.

She does have nice shoes. I guess I can give the girl that.


I love these. They make me laugh and are so well written and plotted. I don't have anything to add outside of Jessica from People's being a douche (like spencer) and totally deserving to be fired. Kelly is a bitch too. Meow. Signing a deal with the devil there.


This might have been the lamest episode of the Hills ever. NOTHING happened. It was like 28 minutes of commercials!


love these- such a great start to my morning! I swear we have the exact same reactions to all of the "events" of the show!


seriously i don't even have to go watch the hills now. love the recap, and you're so thorough, haha. what a horribly awesome show :)

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