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August 19, 2008



i seriously love your recaps. you capture the show so much better than i could. but oh man seriously some of it i just wanted to throw something at the tv. especially when heidi was like 'i don't want my family knowing all about my relationships...' umm but it's okay for the rest of the world to see your effed up relationship? gag me.

but oh how i love this show, haha.


I was absolutely SHOCKED when Audrina said "We'll never be friends"! For some reason, I always thought she was a lot more meek and passive, and those words just totally knocked me over! I couldn't believe they were coming out of her mouth. It's more of an LC thing to say.


I love your recap. Hilarious. Doug was so hot it was almost scary. I was salivating in my own living room and not over food! The whole bit with them at dinner seemed a little forced. I did like his one-word answer about adjusting to LA. Awkward!


Totally agree with you on the old Lo v. new Lo. She's annoying now.


I have never wanted to kill Spencer more than I did during this episode. And THAT is REALLY saying something.

Like A Bad Girl Straight To Video

Ha. I watch this show when its on re-runs...I always fall asleep before its on!!!! But it makes me so angry!!! They are so spoiled. This show, and My Super Sweet 16- make me happy I grew up the way I did and I appreciate the fact that I am thankful for everything I have, and don't complain about stuff I don't.

I <3 your recap tho!


First of all, i LOVE this and have been looking forward to it. Second, I'm SO gld someone else agrees with me on the whole "oh we went to prom together and you're EVERYWHERE and on TV and I have 'no idea' what you've been doing for the last 4 years" HA, I think not. I also can't stand Lo. And do you ever notice how the scene where Audrina supposedly says "we'll never be friends" it sounds like it was dubbed in afterwards, and they don't show her mouth actually saying the words?? Watch a replay and let me know what you think!


It always seems like nothing happens in these episodes and yet there is so much drama. I love it.
Also, I couldn't believe it when Audrina said "I don't care. We'll never be friends."


I wanted to smack Spencer so bad (I mean, more than I usually do.) The whole time I was thinking "way to make Heidi NOT REGRET getting back together with you. Douche." Aren't they supposed to be in the honeymoon-yay-we-just-got-back-together stage??


Okay firstly I heart you for writing everything you did and about 5 minutes into the show I realized I should have been live blogging it, which I think I will do in the future. Because SERIOUSLY. I am SO EXCITED from the snippets of what's to come.

I miss the old Lo too, BTW, and I wanted to be her friend...but dude. She is a bitch now. And good for Audrina for sticking up for herself. I still hope she and Lauren can be friends though.


Katelin directed me here and I'm so glad she did!! This is a fantastic recap! I was thinking the SAME thing when Doug ordered an Amstel Light - um..not a guy's beer at all!


I love these recaps. Seriously. I could go without watching the show and you'd let me know how everything was, in the truest sense.

I was thinking the same thing about the Stella. And Spencer is a douche.

skinny fat chick

I just finally watched the episode and I can't get over what a bitch Lo was! She was just so insincere and trying to blame Audrina and make her look bad, and it's like "we've seen the whole thing unfold dummy. remember those cameras following you? we know what a bitch you were being." I miss the old Lo.

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