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August 22, 2008



I've already started getting depressed about fall, too. Every August, I think "it's almost fall and that means it's almost time for snow, waaahhh!!" It doesn't help that the weather here has been so weird, it's been cooler than usual and really dry.


YES! i love a good shoe quest! p.s. i CANNOT CANNOT believe August is almost over


Proposal: I'll trade locations with you. You can have the hellacious Texas heat. I love rain and clouds and 52 degree weather...I cant imagie that I would suffer from SAD. Let me know when you want to move.

I still can't seem to get into the heeled oxfords. I love menswear for women with the exceptions of the heeled oxfords and these new tiny vests...I can NOT get on board with the vests!


I *LOVE* Oxford pumps. I bought a pair of oxfords tnat are borderline ho' looking. BJ loves them (of course he does), but I've yet to commit to wearing them to work.

The heel on the shoe is outrageous. I bought mine in grey suede (which doesn't look to be available anymore). This color is kinda cute though...


Hey, mine are still there:


You, my friend, need to move to the West Coast :)


Fall is my favorite! Probably because my favorite things are all associated with fall (softball season, the most exciting part of baseball season, college football, non-blistering midwest heat, gorgeous trees, Halloween, going back to school, I could go on for hours...). I long for those days!

Mmmm, shoe hunting. That, however, is a hobby you can partake in year round! ;)


I'm not even sure what those shoes are :) I got two new pairs of flats from Naturalizer this week and I wish you'd been here to show them to you. One is a pair of red patent leather mary janes and the other is a brown patent leather loafters with a cute buckle. I had to settle and how them to Kelley, but she at least said she was proud of me for getting out of my clogs and flip flops.

Fraulein N

Oh, I LOVE Shoe Quests! I have to confess, I'm probably your exact opposite when it comes to weather. I absolutely loathe sweating, so I am not a happy camper for most of the summer.


This is the first year I'm actually looking forward to cooler weather, if only for the fact that my apartment will no longer be unbearably hot.

But you are right, I am not looking forward to that horrid season we call winter. I do agree, however, that it makes it much easier to order hot chocolate at Starbucks.


I, on the other hand, am wishing and hoping for those few days "opposed to the hell that is Houston in the winter," that last less than 3 weeks. It's all relative.

And, have I told you how much you crack me up with the shoe thing? Not being a shoe goddess, I love living vicariously.


Ooh, I so agree with you about menswear for women. I can't pull off the whole "tie and button-down shirt" look and I really wish I could.


Isn't it strange how fall is almost upon us? (Or in your case, here?) I have to admit, I'm jealous of the temperatures you've been having. Sure, it's a change but it's got to beat breaking into a sweat whenever I walk out the door.


Yay for a new shoe quest! I can't wait to see what you pick!

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