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August 28, 2008


A Super Girl

At first, I wasn't entirely sure about these Oxfords (then again, I'm usually 5 years late to the trends)...but then I scrolled to the Martinez Valero's! I think those are my faves! Also like the Bandolino Steffi's. And just for kicks, I do like the Max Studio's Zanzibar -- but that's just because I have an affinity for red!


Sorry I've been out of the loop recently! Work is crazy!

My vote is for the Martinez Valero Women's Sachi High Heeled Oxford. Love, love, love for so many reasons.


Such cute shoes!! I have been a little unsure about this trend, but I'm really starting to like it more. I may have to get a pair of the Steve Madden Reilly's.


i'm not a huge fan of the oxford look for myself, but i can definitely see you pulling them off, :)


I love the Max Studio Zanzibar, myself. However, you know I don't know dog shit about shoes. :-)


I must confess to not really liking Oxfords, but I do like those Steve Maddens. Great with tights and a dress.

ann kriger

This is a new trend? I distinctly remember wearing shoes like these (with a slightly lower heel!) back in the day! Mine were Bandolino, and I still like those best.


I like the looks of the BR one best of all, because you can wear with pants and dresses and all kinds of things. It's very Sexy Librarian. Or like you could tap dance in them in a black and white movie. Because of the thicker heel, it looks like a practical shoe, rather than a fashion shoe pretending to be a practical shoe.

The black and white patent leather, though, is a work of art. I love looking at it. I don't know about you, but my patent leather shoes always seem to scuff each other on the insides of the toes and heels. Maybe because I'm clumsy...but something to consider. Reduces their shelf life, that's all I'm saying.

The hidden platform is a good sneaky idea...makes the higher heels more wearable, but except for the burgundy one, I think it makes the shoes (esp with the thin heels) look lopsided and heavy-jawed.

Kate P

Maybe it's the photography, but I kind of like the way the perf stands out on the Sarto Deer one. And the contrast color on the Martinez Valero is cool. They're all really cool, though. I wish I didn't have wide feet! (That said, Naturalizer sent me a $10 off coupon and they do have a similar style that comes in 7W. . .)

How do you wear such high heels, or does it not even faze you?


I really like the Max Studio and Banana Republic shoes the best. My eye immediately went to them and stayed there. Those would be great choices :)

Now I'm salivating over a car seatbelt coat on PR.


I'm kind of liking the first two, as they seem very classic to me, but I realize that I'm kind of boring that way. In terms of the stylish option, I like the Deer or the Quaint.


Thanks for doing all the shopping for me! The oxfords I have are NOT suitable for work. They look a little ummm... "woman of the night".

Anyhoo- I love the Banana Republic "Bree", and Martinez Valero Women's Sachi (I wish it wasn't in patent leather though)and the Nine West Kimball.

I'm probably getting a little long in the tooth to be wearing such things, but I don't really care. ;)


I have the Steve Madden oxfords. (The heel IS really high.) I absolutely adore the Dolce Vita ones, though.

What are you gonna get? Hmm, hmm?


I'm not sure if I could pull off that look - but more power to those who can!

Fraulein N

You know, if I weren't worried about the height of the heel, I'd be even more into these shoes. I go for the classic look myself -- I love the Banana Republic "Bree;" it's so classy and simple.

Then again, I'm also a fan of the Dolce Vita Women's Taylor Oxford. That upturned toe is so cute!


I vote for the Steve Madden Reilly pair. Lovely!

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