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August 15, 2008



With all the comparisons between Twilight and Harry Potter in the last few weeks, I've realized again how much I miss HP. I can't believe the whole series is done.

Lacey Bean

I looooove A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I can't even remember how many times I've read it!

Old Warrior

Note to job seekers everywhere (from someone who has done lots of hiring). Make sure your resume matches the job you are applying for. Never mass produce resumes - it has to match the job. Appearing over-qualified (read as I'm smarter and more experienced than you are) is just as bad as being under-qualified. All interviewers/hirers know that an over-qualified person will not be happy in a mundane job they are over-qualified for.

In addition, if you have lots of military experience and have high level military references, the liberal anti-war loons of the world (there may be one or two of those in the SeaTac area) hate you and think of you as a ultra-right wing Nazi. Which is weird on its own because NAZI is a German acronym for National Socialist or ultra-left winger.


i was so bummed about harry potter too. seriously ridiculous. come on hollywood please stop being lame.


So sorry about the recent losses. Realizing your parents are mortal is a very tough thing to manage. Hopefully you won't deal with it for many years.

Good luck with the job search--try not to get too frustrated.

Have a great weekend!


I know EXACTLY what you mean. And I am so sorry that you have had so many lately :( They tend to come in bursts, do they not? Here's hoping your batch is over for now!


I like that phrase, "heart squeeze." Yeah the special on the TODAY show, with images from the games, made me cry, or nearly cry. THe scoring BS on the gymnastics stuff too was ridiculous. Stupid judges.


Looking for a job is easily one of the most soul-sucking experiences EVER. I hope you start getting call-backs and find something, soon!


Glad to know another "adult" is bummed about the delayed opening of HP as well as the fact that the series is over.

Sorry to hear about your friends and the job hunt woes -- that's the suck all around.

I agree 1000% with the whole gymnastics thing -- the ridiculous deductions, the over-inflation of China's scores, and the fact that their girls are, yes, 13. I'd love to see the U.S. try to get away with something like that. They'd have our collective heads on a platter.


I almost threw things at the TV when those scores kept coming back so high and our girls' so low.

Rigged much?


GOD, I hate when you are looking for a job and the phone rings. Every ring has so much promise, and then? It's a fucking service survey or something.


I feel the SAME WAY about Harry Potter. My heart just broke a little.

Also, the gymnastics was one of my FAVE parts of the Olympics so far. So uplifting, especially the individual stuff.


I am bummed out too about HP. Seriously they are going to make us wait until next summer? Oh what a shocker it will be when they shoot the last movie. The actors are going to be well in their 20's! So rude!

Yes gymnastics got under my skin too. Although I liked the dancing by the Chinese girls, they did get old pretty fast. And the scoring was just horrible. I wished for Shawn Johnson to win at least one gold medal. But that Romanian girl was awesome. Did you see that floor exercise?!

And I totally get you on the job thing. It must be the world. Oh how it sucks!


When little stuff starts piling up it's so frustrating. As a fellow job hunter I feel your pain! And I LOVED A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Feel better soon!


I was bummed that HP was moved as well, but at least it means only 1 1/2 years from #6 to #7 Part 1 (it was going to be two years). Personally, I think they did it b/c of the success of Batman on that same weekend, so they were just trying to make even more $$ in the summer rather than a winter release. What was interesting was how I received my EW Fall Preview on Friday and HP was still on the cover b/c apparently Warner Brothers didn't bother to tell them about the move (who also owns EW).

Personally, I thought Shawn was a little better than Nastia, but Shawn played her uneven bars way too safely so I think that's where she lost most of her points.

Like A Bad Girl Straight To Video

Ahh! I know how you feel about the job thing! I had been looking for a job for almost 6 months before I worked for the county.. and when I decided I wanted to stop working there, it took me 6 months to find the job I have now!!! Good luck! You will find something soon!!


Okay first of all... WOW - I totally agree with you on the HP movie. I have been re-reading the series (here's my rationale - I only read the 7th book one time, and that was in one day so that I wouldn't have spoilers. I really wanted to re-read it, but then I realized I should re-read 6 as well, for the same reason, and just ended up starting from scratch).

I'm on 5 right now, and the whole first half of the book makes me feel like I'm in puberty again. Poor Harry - oh my - the angst!!!

Secondly - I was RIGHT THERE with you on the Nastia's victory = tears. I was bawling like a baby. I was SO happy for her. I saved it on my Tivo, and for the first time I understand why my husband is reluctant to give up football game recordings.

Okay- this is LONG - sorry!
:) Becky

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