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July 17, 2008



*gasp!* Can this be true? YES!


I do not know how I feel about this.


No freaking way!

So Awesome!!!!!! Thanx for sharing!


I'm excited, but they better pick awesome actors, or else. Also, I have you say you and Britty's "Loathing" is pretty fantastic:)


Oh! That would be SO much fun! I hope it IS true because the chances of a musical coming to small town Mississippi are very slim...


Squeeeee! I'm too excited for words!


I read this last night and I think my heart stopped for a moment. I am so excited.

And did you know that it was written into Chenoweth's and Idina's contract that they had to be asked to play the movie roles?


AHHHHHHHHHh- I am so excited! I can't believe I might have the chance to see Chenoweth & Idina perform in Wicked! (If Miriam's comment above is true).

You made my day too!!!
:) Becky


Just wanted to say I'm glad you're still on sabbatical - it makes me feel a whole lot better about writing nothing for the last three weeks.


i'd be happy because i can't afford to see a broadway play! and i want to see Wicked.


Very cool - especially if the Chenoweth part is true! Alayna and I have been listening to the CD the past 2 days and her favorite song is "Loathing". Funny huh?? Love you & call me!!!

Anonymous G

I've never seen Wicked, although I planned to...I just .. well .. never did.

So, this is great news.

Except that I'd rather see the stage show first.

In any's great to have you back. (If only for a moment) You're so damn adorable!


Fraulein N

SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!! Best news I've heard in a good long while.


Hmmmm, I just might have to see it then. I read the book LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG ago, but never saw the play (horrors!).

HOpefully I'll get to seeing it faster than SATC. I still haven't gone to see that movie.


i saw this story and totally thought of you! (well after i squeed in excitement too). i hope they cast the broadway crew, ah that would be amazing. seriously love.

and i know i've said it before, but your wicked party looks like it was amazing, i am so jealous :)


Wait, you all had a Wicked party? That is awesome!


That picture of you two is hilarious. Have they mentioned casting yet? Or, who would you want to play the roles?


This is awesome news! I missed out on seeing the play when it came through here. Keep the updates coming.


If it's true, I'm watching it on the first day.

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