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July 07, 2008



When I came back from holiday, Google Reader made me cry. At first I was all "I can't push the magic "mark all as read" button. That would be wrong." And then I got over it and pushed the magic button.


+10 to you for a well-executed that's what she said.
Also, I could reply to you via twitter, but since I'm here...Tim Burton and Alice? That rocks!


Sounds like you had a great weekend and have some fun coming up with your folks! Enjoy and don't forget to squeeze a little studying in...



you wrote "that's what she said", hahaha. seriously i heart you. you are awesome.

and my google reader has been dominating me lately too, it's slightly ridiculous.


I totally agree with your Google Reader letter. Ack. It's killing me, too.

Have fun with your 'rents!

Anonymous G


*screw the internet

But come back when you're ready.
We'll be waiting.



It's great to hear that mom and dad will be there soon. Have fun! I click "mark as read" all the time. But then I go back and read my favorites.


Well I certainly hope that Typepad understands and doesn't hold it against you :)


Love the 'what she said' line, you rock! And I so thought of the Office. :-)



I'm so glad you've been so busy! Honestly, it's the best way to get through all of this! If you ever feel like venturing to boring Upstate NY, I'm your girl :)

Also, google reader can kiss my ass. I just can't keep up.


Hahaha -- Your Google Reader cracked me up. It's always fun to play tourist in your own home town. I'm trying to get my sister to come visit and do the same thing later this summer, but I think my mom might have first dibs.


Ha! Loved the last letter, too funny! :) I have just recently started trying to figure out Google Reader (yes, I am a newbie who still has a "favorites" folder in explorer! What can I say, I like to see people's blog "decorations" and google reader seems so blah.
Yes, I am a total dork.
:) Becky


I don't even have Google reader...I guess it's a blessing in disguise after all.

What? Your internet larnin' gives you homework? That's BS.


No captchkin!


Sounds like you're having a good summer! (with the exception of Google Reader) Want to come to San Diego any time soon? If that doesn't make your heart melt, what about Minnesota? OH! And Wicked is coming this fall (ok, November)--I am begging people to come with me, I've been dying to see it ever since you told me of your love!


OMG! The dear google reader cracked me up!

I think what you are doing is WAY more healthy than being attached to your computer- so go you!

I can't wait to meet your parents!



Hey there, just checking in to see how you're doing. Hope everything's ok!

Take care!

La Petite Belle

listen to moi: when overwhelmed, hit "MARK ALL AS READ" on your google reader.. haha at least it takes the guilt away..

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