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July 24, 2008



I think everyone's gotta take a step back here and again. I just pruned back my greader too -- it was getting to be WAAAAAAAY out of control.

I'm glad you'll still be blogging, though. I gotta admit.


You gotta do what you gotta do! Since we live nearby each other, I figure we'll check in once a quarter (AT least) and I'm okay with that. I'll keep reading what you write but I certainly understand pruning back. You have a life! :) With all the reading you'll do in school, my guess is that sitting in front of the tv or going out for a run with the dogs is all you'll wanna do. And as soon as I hear from Anonymous G, I'm having the 3 of you (RG, you and AG) over for some girly time!


ps. sorry we didn't get to meet your folks.. maybe next time!


I have days where I want to do that too. And going to BlogHer (sorry, I can't shut up about it) made me realize that who effing cares who's reading numbers wise? Just so long as your friends are.


I'm so glad you posted--I was seriously going to die of boredom. So obviously I am totally thrilled that you're going to keep blogging! I know I can't tell you that you ARE a good writer or that your blog IS worth reading, since you'll say I'm biased:) But you ARE fantastic, so there!


aw yay i'm glad you're not leaving! you're one of my absolute favorites to read :)

but i totally understand the overwhelming feeling that comes with blogging sometimes and hopefully by pruning out the reader you feel a wee bit better, woo.


I totally get this. Yup. I'm glad you're not giving up the blogging. I've given up the pressure and guilt (I think so, anyway) and that's made a difference.

If you did give up blogging, I'd have to park outside your house and watch you. You wouldn't want that now, would you? We Internet moms tend to worry about our 'kids' when we haven't heard from them in a while.

PS- it was super to meet your REAL mom and dad. BJ and I had a lovely time and look forward to when they come to town next time. Well, assuming you're willing to share again.



I'm glad you're not giving up on the whole blogging thing too. I've always enjoyed reading your blog :) Can't wait to see you in...36 days!




I am SO glad you're not leaving! I totally understand scaling back, though. But promise me you won't leave :)


Pretty liberating, isn't it? Glad you're going to stick around. But I'm also glad you aren't giving in to the pressure.

And by the way, if it makes you feel any better, I'd rather read you than Amalah or Dooce any day.

And not just because you're my homegirl.


I'm really glad you aren't quitting. I know I will never be able to quit work and blog, and I don't have more than a dozen or so readers. However, I really like those dozen or so, and I hope you keep showing up at my place even though I am double 20something. I'll keep showing up here--that I know.


Oh whew, as I read this I was so afraid it was going to be your sayonara to blogging. And I just like you so much I really didn't want to think about another of my favorite bloggers going away.

But, taking a step back is totally understandable. I'm new at this and keeping up with my reader and my blog are overwhelming. And I'm sure they're not even a quarter the size of yours!


Do you know how sad I would have been if you gave up blogging? VERY.

I've been pruning my Bloglines lately, if I don't give a little squeal of delight (or at least think about it, that would be a lot of squealing), I delete it. Liberating!


I often get overwhelmed by reading and even posting, but I'm not quite ready to quit outright yet. So many of my reads are quitting that it's really starting to whittle my list down and I just haven't wound up adding anyone new. I think I read maybe half the blogs I did a little over a year ago.

Operation Pink Herring

Hooray! I bit the bullet and cleared out my Google Reader a few weeks ago... blog reading and writing should be FUN, not a burden. I'm so glad you're not leaving us :)


I think we're all scaling back. It's like we're juniors in the whole blogging atmosphere. You know, not as excited about it as we were when we were freshmen but still not totally checked out and thinking about how awesome it we were finally done with it once and for all. So yeah, we're totally juniors in the high school that is blogging :)


I'm one of those newer readers - so as I was reading this, I was thinking, "Darn! She's leaving! I wanted to know how grad school's going and read her blog as she starts to experience teaching!"

Want to know something CRAZY? I started reading infertility blogs as a junior in college. I didn't want children (hell! I just wanted to graduate!), but I was enthralled with the whole blogging thing. I quickly expanded to mommy bloggers, and ate up their blogs, too.

Sometimes, it would strike me as weird being unmarried and not a mother reading these mommy blogs. Then I shrug it off: "Who cares! This is great!"

I think I read you once when (Mighty) Maggie was a guest blogger for you. I remember thinking, "Hey! Another 20-something non-Mom who reads Maggie's blog. Awesome!"

Alright, this is getting long. Much love.

And less is more. It's better when I read fewer blogs and get to leave REAL comments. I kind of hate the "commenting etiquette". I mean, I get it. But it can take up SO much time. Hmmm...You've made me think.

The Incubator

I started to cry because I thought it was over! Then I became happy -- life without you (in my lap) and your blog would be incomplete. It's become the caffeine in my CC's! Hugs -


Okay, I totally thought you were going to say goodbye to blogging and then let out a "Phew!" when you said you weren't. I'm glad you're sticking around because I do enjoy reading :)


OMG, you scared me for a second. I just found you and I thought you were going away. Don't do that to me!

La Petite Belle

don't give up! you're SO good at it, and while there are many many blogs out there, your is different and I love it. did you prune ME off your reader? did you? did you? hahahaha


I love that you found other "twenty somthings" like yourself. The interweb is great in that regard...we can find people LIKE US. (And not just us lame mommybloggers!)

I love the idea of reassessing. And pruning back your google reader. I know I need to do it. Looking at "100+ unread posts" in my reader makes me sick to my stomach!

Best of luck, pretty lady!


Could simply be a product of a life that is busy and happy and full of loved ones (except for one, at the mo) - less angst to write about, less need for finding community/external validation through the internets, just plain busy. My summer's been crazy and I've been on hiatus for like a month now and it's very liberating.

I hate the aspect of blogging that's like a popularity contest. Readership is only relevant if you're trying to make $$.


I think it's easy to get burnt out on blogging. Sometimes you really do need to take a step or two back. I'm glad you're not quitting :)


Yay, I'm glad you're not leaving. (Don't feel obligated to respond back btw!) I totally feel your pain. I keep finding more and more blogs that I love and am starting to get a little freaked out with trying to keep up with all of them. My blogroll is out of control!

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and tell u I'm glad you're not quitting the blog all together. Good luck with school and the job search and all that fun.


I've been reading your blog for a bit and I really enjoyed this post. I think it's very honest, true and heartfelt. Blogging and maintaining a blog is tough, especially with adding new people all the time. I'm not sure if you read mine or not but you're welcome any time and if you want to comment, that's super too :)


I'm glad you're not leaving us! But agreed...good to have balance.

It helps me that I: never look at stats, don't feel guilty when I don't reply to comments, and don't really care if I take a week off. Just remind yourself it's just a blog, a hobby! right? love ya!


I know how you feel. Keeping up with everything is absolutely insane. It's tough to make it all work and then to feel good about yourself while doing it.

I'm really happy you're sticking around. Seriously. I couldn't live without your Hills recaps every week.

Kate P

I was wondering how everything was going! But I figured everything must be good--sometimes blogs get quiet when real life is busy, and the good kind of busy!

As much as I like being up to date, I don't think I'd ever go for the GoogleReader. I've seen far too many comments about being overwhelmed by the volume. I guess I'm more of active reader. As for my own blog, readers can come by when they want. And I don't force myself to post; I'd rather come up with something decent to post occasionally rather than toss up something "meh" for the sake of posting. It's your "house"; I say you call the shots.

Glad you're continuing to write. :)


I always feel shamed when I read a post like this because I so do not even TRY to write well-written posts. If I had to proofread and really work at it, I wouldn't have time, and I would quit. That is probably the reason that I have about 10 readers. I only started blogging because a friend whose husband was being sent to the sandbox asked me to. I discovered it was a great way to KIT with all my military girlfriends all over the globe, and then I discovered it as a great place to vent a little. THEN, the biggest of all, I discovered people like you who write so well, and are interesting and funny, and smart as hell. I'll be back to read even if you only post once a month and never comment on my blog. I don't think it is about "paybacks," I think it is about enjoying what is out there. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. If a 'hobby" becomes a burden, you're not going to get much personal fulfillment out of it!

Myabe I should start watching The Hills?? So long as it does not interfere with Top Chef, I'll give it a try! I've got to keep up with you young hipsters!

Anonymous G know I don't really GET this. I don't have a Google Reader (whateverthehellTHATis) and I barely have a handful of readers on my so-called blog.

I'm just glad you write. I love to visit your blog. (I love to visit YOU, but don't know when I'll be up your way again...)

It's nice to know you're there.

I'd miss you TERRIBLY if you closed up shop.

no pressure.



Um... rude! You totally faked me out. You can't ever stop your blog. Neither of us are much of phone people, and how else am I supposed to keep up with your life?

Plus you're real funny.


This blogging is a crazy thing. I'm glad you're hanging around. I would miss you terribly. :)


I know how you feel!!! My readers consist of my sister, my boyfriend and my best girlfriend! And the occasional random creepy guy who wants to get in my pants. But I love reading your posts! Don't stop!


Whoa, you had me scared there for a second. This is the only way I can keep track of you! Thank you for provide my lunch time entertainment....and also, you are a fabulous writer!

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