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June 30, 2008




I hate birds too.

The chef thinks I am a lunatic.


I'm not even a little surprised that birds seem to enjoy attacking you

Why this is, I'm not completely sure.


Oh no! That's no good. I hope you got out at some point today because that damn bird found its way out of your hallway.

Like you, I'm not a huge bird fan. I've been attacked/stampeded by geese and the pidgeons in Italy? I took numerous wings to the face throughout my two months there. I feel your pain.


Dude the movie the Birds freaked me out and even now I get nervous around them. In the city they're very unafraid too. Birds are always outside my apartment window too, don't think you'd like that too much.


Sweet Baby Jesus...a bird held you hostage? I hate those bastards too, thats why I didn't feel bad a couple weeks ago when I hit one.

Its war.


A bird once attacked my head while I was mini-golfing. True story.


I had a bird steal the last bite of my sandwich once when I was at the beach. I was SO mad.

BOO birds.
:) Becky


I grew up with bats always showing up. One time I almost fell down the stairs because one was swooping down at me and it was dark because I wasn't tall enough to reach the lightswitch! Yikes! We even got a bird in our dryer once because the vent goes straight outside.


I have birds too!!!! Everyone I know things I'm insane..."How can you possibly be afraid of birds?" Hell if you had birds attacking you every chance they had, you would be insane not the HATE them. Seriously, birds in chimney flu's, running into your car, trying to fly into your moving car, dive bombing you in florida...the list goes on and on. I would have stayed locked inside my apartment too. I am anti-guns normally, but have birds around makes me want to start "packing". Good luck, and nice guest post.

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