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June 09, 2008



Haha. I'm going to have to remember that one. My husband would flip if I ever said something like that. He'd probably leave me. :)


You make me laugh very much. And I'm stealing your whole "shedding my uterine lining" comment. I love grossing my husband out.

Good luck with the house/yard work. When you're done, wanna come do mine??


My boys very much enjoyed your revelation of the next Charlie installment!
Thanks for the laugh!

Congrats on all the house progress! I'm jealous!


I'm thinking Colby's just going to have to get used to period talk. If you guys ever have daughters, he's gotta get tough! Nothing surprises my dad anymore, after iving with three females for so long (four counting the dog), and I have to say, Trey isn't fazed by anythig I say anymore!

Meanwhile, do you want to come down here and kick my house's ass too? Got the in-laws coming in on Wednesday. AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!


Now see, my husband would have laughed if I had said that, it takes more than that to gross him out.

Wintry weather? Can I send some 95 degree weather and humidity your way? Please?


Way to kick some house ass! And I love the period line.

Also, I have friends that are obsessed with Charlie the Unicorn


More Charlie? Yesss!
Also, I'm totally going to steal your uterine lining line. That's priceless.


HA! HA! Love your answer. I'll have to use that one. So much more dramatic than saying Aunt Flo is visiting!


Woo way to do some serious house work. And I love your answer, haha. that's awesome.


that's gotta be the best quote EVER. poor Colby



I love the period line! I'm going to have to steal it. hehe I used the 'bloody' line the other day, and got a similar look of horror. hehe Boys love to freak them out. =P

Hey I'd rather have rainy day than 110 degree weather. Ok maybe not, we had some nasty thunderstorms and lightening last weekend. And power outage for 4 hours! Ugh


Ha! I thought I was the only one who told my husband that I was shedding my uterine lining! Now I can tell him it's a thing people least it's a thing you and I say, anyway.

The unicorns saying "glub glub" pissed my dog off. He's still barking at the computer!

Girl, Dislocated

First of all, Charlie the Unicorn is amazing. I've watched that video at least a dozen times, and it just doesn't get old!

Colby's abject horror is also positively hilarious! Having to hear about uterine lining shedding is not nearly as bad as actually having to experience uterine lining shedding, so he's not getting my pity!

And disarray in my surroundings causes disarray in my head, so I totally know what the thrill of finally getting your dwelling in order is like!

La Petite Belle

love love LOVE the period line. I'm so stealing it :D also good job on the housework. i hate housework. or anything that has the word "work" in it. haha!


Yay for y'all for knocking out so much stuff! That's truly amazing. And that conversation? Hilarious!


Ok, the uterine lining line was priceless. But, the Charlie the Unicorn vid--you've really outdone yourself. My kids are going to love that. HA!

Vaguely Urban

I'm so envious of your window treatment dedication! It's been a year and a half since we pulled down our curtains and blinds when we painted. They were so filthy (from the previous owners; we are clean people) that we just threw them away. Of course, we haven't replaced them. Sigh.


Ha! I think Jon would have had the same reaction too!


Poor Colby! It cracks me up what freaks men out sometimes. Sweetheart hates it when I burp. I'm not terribly dainty about it. I think I'll teach the girls.

Charlie freaks me out, but now I have to see if the dog doesn't like it.


Ha ha- that sounds very similar to many conversations I have with BJ.

I might have mentioned this on my blog- but it's a story worth repeating.

One day when Casey was about 14 or so, I was driving him somewhere and had REALLY bad cramps. I said, "Honey, you should be really glad that you're not a girl- you'll never have to have a period".

He said, "Mom, you should be really glad that you're not a teenage boy. You'll never have the embarrassment of having an erection in public for no apparent reason."

That kid won my heart that day. :)

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