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May 15, 2008



It was the first one I went with, I love that look, you wear it well, but I scrolled down to 3 and fell absolutely in love. Can you fed-ex that dress to me whenever you feel the need to dispose of it. K

(I did vote, had to comment to)


I love polls to death! I second everything Abbie said. Except the FedExing it to me due to the fact that it would never fit in a bazillion years. :) Have fun!


You cannot loose on any of these! If you want to make people droll or be very jealous go with the red. You look fabulous in it, but I love all of them!


Oh, I adore #2. It's amazing. #3 is my 2nd choice. ATL is not worth altering though, in my opinion. If I had your bod I'd wear #2 no question!


Number 2 and 3 are both fab. I want to see those shoes in no. 2!

Girl, Dislocated

This is so freaking hard! You look HOT in all three. I'm going to have to come back and vote tomorrow, though I'm leaning towards #3.

And would the shoes you're wearing with #2 go with #1? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to fashion, but I ask because it looks like the dress has some white in it.


Dress three for the wedding.
Dress two for the rehearsal dinner.

Just my $0.02

Kate P

Man, I had a coupon for ATL good only for yesterday and I couldn't make it! Voted for #3 for the wedding--I like that the color is a little softer. #1 might be nice for the rehearsal dinner. Is that metallic in the center? Very classic air to it.

Speaking as a short girl who is also two different sizes top and bottom, I think a good tailor is invaluable.


LOVE the 3rd dress. LOVE!


Oooohhh the red one is nice :) I like #2, but the black is nice too especially if you got a trendy pair of colorful shoes perhaps?

gah! i like them all!! :)


I agree with Caro! And I'll fight Abbie for that silver dress!


I voted for the red dress, but I would go with strappy gold sandals and fun gold jewelry :)


Love #2! It fits you spectacularly! But I think the shoes are too bulky/busy for it. I like Shani's suggestion of strappy gold sandals, maybe? Rehearsal dinner dress should be #3 - plenty of room for eating and sitting which I'm sure there will be a lot of.


How about I voted for the 3rd one (it's hot), but the 2nd one was a VERY close second? Seriously, if I could vote twice, I would. Anyway, I think both 2 and 3 are excellent choices, and NO, the shoes aren't too whorish for a wedding. Especially a wedding in the South in the summer.

P.S What's wrong with looking five months pregnant? It's quite a fetching look, I'll tell you now . . . ;-)


I'm also with Caro, I guess, though I voted for 2.

That Jessica Rabbit dress is friggin hot and you should wear it at absolutely every opportunity. But I kind of agree that the pewter one is more weddingish. I guess if you wear Jessica for the rehearsal you can suck it in for a night and make your impression, then cut loose in comfort at the wedding.

Although, you'll be in more photos at the wedding and it never hurts to look smokin' when you're on the dance floor.

I also am not crazy about the #1, maybe just because it's a tent on you now. I wouldn't shorten the straps, lest you look frumpy. And maybe swap out the shoes to a strappy metallic sandal heel.

The Incubator

Well -- I think the internet is out to get me; I tried to vote for #3, but I was told that I had already voted! I know that I have black holes, but I don't think they go that far -- has anyone been pushing my buttons here?? Anyway, I also think you should go with the red for the rehearsal dinner and the pewter for the wedding. I'm trying to think back to being young and . . . . (TMI)

Fraulein N

Hot DAMN on the red dress, and I hate you a little bit for looking so good in it. :-)However, I don't think even you could eat a morsel in it, so I'm voting for Choice #3, which is very unexpectedly sexy ... if that makes any sense.

If you do decide to wear the black dress, I'd definitely wear different color shoes.


I also think it's a toss up between #2 and #3. For the red one, I would definitely tone down the shoes/jewelry to make it more wedding-appropriate.

The first one just doesn't look ... young enough? It's just plain and kinda boring. The shoes from pic #2 would liven it up, though. It's not bad, just not what to wear when you want to impress former classmates. :)


#2 for rehearsal (love those shoes!) and #3 for the wedding (lots of wiggle room for dancing and extra pieces of cake!).


holy cow, that red dress is amazing. red is my all-time favorite color. to wear, to decorate with, to look at, etc, etc, etc.

and thanks for stopping by my blog :)
more cupcake pics this weekend!


Love love love #2 - especially those fantastic shoes! #3 is very very pretty and probably more wedding-appropriate, but #2 just looks so stunning on you!


Wear the red dress to the rehearsal dinner and then save the pewter for the wedding. They are both hot dresses, and you look great in them. The black dress looks good on you, but it doesn't have the same wow factor of the other two.


Dress 2 is awesome. I voted for it but am now leaning towards 3. They are both excellent. Either way, you will be a knockout!


I picked the red one...but it looks like I was out voted.

No matter what one you'll be hott.


#2 for rehearsal and #3 for the wedding. Comfort is important for getting your grove on...which I know is an important thing for us cousins. And, I am wearing a red shirt today AND 5 months pregnant....probably not the hot look you are going for, at least not for evening wear.


Wear the sexy dress while you can! I bet you lost weight doing all that walking in Italy! you look hot!


OMG they are all gorgeous. I'm so jealous. I like the black one for the wedding and the metallic one for the rehersal dinner. Really I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. I have my brother's wedding Mem. Day too. Might have to stop by ATL today.


You know what I totally forgot to mention? Call me old fashioned, but I don't like black dresses at weddings.


Girl- you are just way too cute. I'd totally hate you if I didn't love you. :-P

I'm glad you picked the pewter dress. You're going to look absolutely smashing.

We're going to the beach with Woody for the 3-day weekend. Can you imagine what that's going to be like? ;)

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