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May 14, 2008



I only started watching The Hills because of your recaps. And DAMN YOU ANGELA, every time I watch this show I get STUPIDER.


I hate myself for saying it, but JB is totally hot. Now that you can see his face.


Am I the only one that feels left out by not watching that show? Ha the more I get older, the less I have patience for teenagers. Hold on, are they teenagers?



What I don't understand about these girls on the hill is why do they keep forsaking their careers for these "men" First Lauren not going to Paris for Jason. Come on, really, Paris! Now Heidi just completely dumping her boss and an amazing job opportunity for Spencer. So bogus!


Sweet! Thanks. I am totally not going to angst over having missed them all, now!

And seriously, how low is Heidi's self-esteem? As a fellow Coloradan, I am embarassed for her. Get a life, a real job, and a real man, lady.


Thanks to these hilarious recaps, *I* watched the Hills once (okay, twice). I had no idea how bizarre and stilted a fake reality show could be - I don't think it made me dumber, I think it kind of made my head explode.

It's like, I can get into a fictional TV show and get invested in the characters. And I can get caught up in the human drama of a reality show. But The Hills, which is neither...I kept swinging between sympathy and contempt, genuine emotion and genuine uninterest.

That's why these snarky writeups are the best! Much more fun than watching the actual show.


this show is driving me crazy. i'm so glad there's a break until august, it's just getting ridiculous.

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