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May 03, 2008


Girl, Dislocated

"Mind blowingly gorgeous?" That shouldn't be too difficult for you to pull off :) I myself am going to have to pull off the "I'm not pathetic for coming to a wedding alone" look in the beginning of June.

Oh and by the way, I clicked on the SJB link, then read some of your archives, and let me just say that it has made me even more absolutely positive than I already was that I STILL have no desire to date (despite the fact that it's been more than a year since my break up with the asshole.)

Anyway, I'm glad to know there was a pleasant, non-creepy/supernatural reason for your blog absence! Hurry back!


I agree, you will look SMASHING DARLING!!! :)

I get to be M.O.H. at the beginning of July and I'm freaked to high skies because I have never been one and this is for my sister's wedding. I do have a dress picked out--I think--and I hope it all goes well.

As for you and the hubby and the theater....lovely man! Hold on to him tight because most would need to be dragged kicking and screaming yet they'd want us to go bungee jumping with no issues. Pft!


Yay, Colby's back! He'll protect you from the ghost. Or just look at you like you're insane when you tell him about it. And he really is such a great guy for going to the theater with you. I agree with Curlysue, I'd have to drug Trey and drag him to the theater in a hefty bag. That would attract some attention. And he's totally said "What, you wouldn't go sky-diving with me?"


I was beginning to worry that the Morgan Dollar bidder had taken over! I'm glad an exorcism isn't in order :)

What a lucky girl you are to have a husband who will willingly go to the theatre with you as opposed to my husband who gets dragged kicking and screaming :)


Ooh I'm going to ask Sahala to go with me to My Fair Lady too!! Great idea!

And don't be silly about that wedding--you're always gorgeous!


OK- take the pressure off yourself about blogging about Italy. If you're not feeling passionate about writing about it, then it's not the time. :)

Colby is going to see My Fair Lady with you? Wow- that's really HUGE! I can't see BJ ever doing that with me.

Of course, I'm not one to go to any sort of sports activity with him- so I guess we're even.


I'm surely impressed with Colby, although I shouldn't be surprised having met him. He seems really open minded about things in general. I hope you enjoy the show and get lots of snuggle time this weekend. We look forward to hearing about your trip whenever you feel like writing about it.



Yes, you are extremely lucky! And I'm so happy to hear you're not dead :)


Like you have to try to look gorgeous? Pfft! I'm glad Colby's deserve the snuggle time, the without hesitation YES to My Fair Lady and all the ice cream you can devour :)

Man, it's time like these when I really dislike being single...


My Fair Lady is one of my favorites! The music is awesome. After we saw it, my daughter had the perfect Eliza accent. (Which was a little odd for a wee tot!) I'm glad jerk boy is no longer and you have wonder boy that goes to see My Fair Lady! Here's hoping the ghost stays away!! :)


Aww. You shouldn't have any problems being mind-blowingly gorgeous for the wedding. And I cannot wait to hear more Italia tales.

How was My Fair Lady?


Very, very lucky girl. :-)

So do we get to see the potential outfits for the upcoming wedding????

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