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May 07, 2008



I am so jealous, I love looking at all your pictures. Siena was my absolute favorite city in Italy, although I didn't get to half the places you did.


Oh I love the beautiful art in the churches! I could sit and stare for hours. :-)

What a fun and amazing honeymoon Angela! I can't wait to hear and see more.


I love all your pictures, they're amazing. I seriously want to head off to Italy right now :)


oh LE SIGH........ only 4 more months till I'm there....... AHH I can't wait for more, then im totally emailing you with any other questions I have!


I can't get over how hysterical your pictures are :) How did your shoes hold up by the by with all the hills?


Love your recaps. Love your pictures. So beautiful :)


That is so weird about the alarm clocks!
I would have overslept everyday!

I love the pic of you doing the booty pinching!


I love the sweater you are wearing in all these pics.


The pictures are OUTSTANDING and I can feel my fingers itching to grab the passport and go!! I'm so jealous, but I'm also quite glad that you clearly had an amazing time!


Oh Florence, my most favoritest place in the whole of the world!! I guess that isn't fair since I haven't visited a lot of the world... but going off what I've seen thus far... Florence wins!

Your recaps make me so nostalgic... I'm ready to go back!


I ooohh'd and awh'd all throughout this. What an amazing time! Beautiful picks!! You'll never forget it. :)



I'd also like to hear about the shoes.


Looks and sounds so incredible! Love the cute photos. Add me to the list of the shoe curious.


Thanks for the great tips! You guys seemed like you were on the go a lot. Did you actually get to relax some?

Fraulein N

Oh, I'm drooling over these pictures. This is my kind of vacation! I gotta get there.


Wow, it's so weird to see you in the same places we were almost exactly one year ago!

I think that the Uffizi is a more than one day tour. I was too hurried to really enjoy all of it and wish I could have taken more time there.

You're totally right about the wine. The house wine at the the Trattoria's were my absolute favorites.

I also agree with you about the differences between the Duomos in Florence and Siena. Both beautiful, but two different vibes.

Oh this is so fun! :)

On to the next leg....


Your trip seems amazing and I love all the photos. Whenever I get a chance to book my trip, I'll have to come back here for guidance:)

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