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May 09, 2008



Yesss you did the picture with the leaning tower, I love it! :)


I would have been totally useless after that wine tasting. Props to you for staying awake!

You know, they say the professional travelers do the same thing with their socks and underwear. It is the only way to go!

I LOVE the pics of you both holding up the leaning tower!


I am SO JEALOUS. I spent all of like, six hours in Florence and four hours in Pisa. I need more!!!


Wonerful! The wine tssting sounds marvelous. Just wait until you are 42 and see how you hold your liquor. Sheesh.


I love the picture of you and Colby washing your clothes :) Hilarious!


I am LOVING these entries! You pictures and wonderful and fun. It totally makes me want to go to Italy to try out all the tips.

Girl, Dislocated

Forget guide books. If I ever go to Italy, I'm just going to print out these posts.

And the leaning tower and laundry pictures are SO cute and hilarious!


Your photos are absolutely breathtaking, and it looks like you had such a fantastic time. I'm so glad!

Also, I'm sorry I've been MIA - your blog fell off my google reader somehow - I thought you hadn't been posting, so I'm so glad I stopped by the old fashioned way!



I've been holding off on reading your Italy trip until the weekend, so I can truly savor your trip- although this does not mean that you're getting out of a personal slide show at our house- we want to see your pics and hear your stories in person!

Your description of Grappa? Right on! Holy cow, that's some strong stuff.

I agree, the washing machines there are weird and hard to figure out. I also have pictures of us washing our clothes in the bathtub.

I showed BJ the picture with Colby and the two wine glasses. He said, "A man after my own heart".

OK, on I go to the next entry.


Gorgeous pictures... :) You could write for the travel bureaus, ya know?


I'll be in Spain this June...and these photos make me long for the trip to come sooner!


Freakin' Gorgeous!! You guys weren't looking half bad yourselves.

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