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May 16, 2008



Those cookies sound like little bites of heaven on Earth.


I don't think I voted, but I love the pewter, and the comfort and ability to eat is very important!

I also had heard Ellen was getting hitched, but not see the clip, so thanks!


I never got a chance to vote, but I'm glad to hear the pewter one. You are going to look gorgeous!

Girl, Dislocated

I voted for the Pewter one, so Yay! I hope you make it to the rehearsal dinner though, so you can wear the red one, too.

Where do you get your alterations done? Small tailoring shops or at large department stores?

The whole poll thing is such an awesome idea! What I'd love to implement it for right now is bikinis--because I've never worn one before and have no idea what looks "normal." (And I sure as hell am not going to use the Victoria Secret models as a guide!) Only problem is I'd feel weird enough just wearing a bikini, let alone putting pictures on the world wide web!


Ooops, I seemed to have missed the dress poll here. But I'll vocalize my vote anyway - yes, go with the pewter dress! It's HOT.

Fraulein N

Yay! for you, California, and Ellen. You're gonna knock 'em dead at the wedding.


awwww...I'm sorry I missed the vote. But I would have voted for the pewter anyway, so good choice! I am so siked for Ellen. I love her and Portia together.


You wear those dresses so well Angela. Glad you have it all picked out. :-)

Oh and I still remember Portia from McBeal days. Loved her hair!


Hey, sorry I missed the poll but I have to agree. The pewter dress is very classy. Have fun traveling on Memorial Day weekend. ;)

Just kidding.

BTW, Ace and Roxy say hi to Jack and Ellie.


Love the pewter one, have a great time at the wedding! And I totally want milk chocolate covered oreos...yum!


Excellent choice--you listen so well:)

And HOORAY for the Cali Supreme Court! Figures something historic happens in San Francisco and I'm in Baton Rouge when it's going on! Lets just hope the super-conservatives don't muck everything up again!


yay for the dress and woo for my state for finally getting something right. :)


That clip still makes me cry. It is so amazing :)


I seriously need to start taking my clothes in for altering..

silly short-heighted self.

Operation Pink Herring

I am way behind in my blog reading, but I just voted, and DEFINITELY the silver dress! The other two are also fantastic, but I love the silver one best, especially on you. That cut looks exactly how it is supposed to look on you! (Unlike on me. Sob! I want one of those dresses too!)

La Petite Belle

I wanted to stop in and say that I love your blog. I also love that you posted the Ellen video, I just posted the McCain/Ellen interview on my blog a few days ago, I couldn't help but post about that. Anyway, I love your blog & stories and if you want stop by my blog and check it out!

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