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May 05, 2008



Oh man I seriously just want to go to Rome right now. Looks like an amazing time.


Reading this makes me want to go back to Italia. I had the same initial shock about Rome that you did -- I actually wrote a letter home describing Rome as a European NYC. Weird, no?

It looks like y'all had a fabulous time! I am so happy that most of it worked out, and I completely forgot to tell you about the check thing. My friends and I ran into some trouble with that when we first got to Cortona and didn't know. (:


AHHH!! You are getting me more and more excited!! I want to hear more and more and more :) Love it!


Thanks for taking me back, it was a wonderful post!


Operation Pink Herring

Missing the last metro/train/bus happens to everyone! Joel and I were surprised to find ourselves walking a looong way home from dinner in Barcelona one night because the metro closed early on Sunday, unbeknownst to us!

If I had to give one tip to someone going to Europe, it would certainly be: Get read to walk farther than you ever thought humanly possible, and then walk another two miles.


I LIVE by #4. LIVE. BY. IT.


Awesome recap! I felt the same way about NYC, and the same way about Paris.


This is an amazing travelogue! It sounds like you covered a lot of ground without rushing yourselves or wearing yourselves out *too* much. That's a tough balance - I'm so impressed.

And your pictures are hilarious. When I travel, I usually dress for comfort. But I think you're onto something, with all those photos of you looking fabulous.


Fabulous pics! My mom and I always fantasize about touring Italy together, so this is valuable advice.


I was hoping so hard that you went to the Mouth of I should have had nay doubts! Ah Roman Holiday...


No kidding about walking! No wonder people in Europe stay skinny. Ha I used to be one of them. ;-)

Can't wait to hear more chica. Keep it coming.


OK, don't hate me.. but I have always thought I should save certain places in europe for when I'm old and fat. Most of the traveling I've don'e has been while we were living in China.. we did touristy things, but we also did quite a bit of off the beaten path trips in Asia. I think I was afraid of the price and the difference in experiences. But after reading Eat Pray Love.. and hearing your story (and others)... Italy is on my list of places to see! (though, I am still keeping Eastern Europe & India near the top!)

It sounds like you had an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing all of this info with us. It really is helpful.

Chelsea Talks Smack



How jealous am i of you right now?? THHHHIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS MUCH!!!

Have Fun!


I found your blog through 20sb! Last summer, I studied abroad in Rome, and absolutely fell in love. I was just reminiscing today, and thinking about all of the things I missed when I came across you! I went to school in Trastevere, and I loved every minute of the old city. The cobblestone steps, the climbing ivy, and the overall feel to it! Thanks for your post! I really enjoyed it :)


I love Rome and I love your travel tips--both useful and amusing. I want to watch Gladiator whenever I see the Colosseum and/or look at pictures of it.


"I spent our four days in Rome trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we weren't in a theme park, we weren't in a restaurant designed to look like an Italian trattoria, and yes, I really am standing inside of the Pantheon."

OMGOSH! I can't tell you how many times I said that on our trip. It's totally true! It's so fun to see how similar our experiences were.

It's so awesome that you got to see the Pope! Wow, how many Americans can say that? Great timing! (how many exclamation points will I have in this comment?!!!)

I think you and I need to get our Italy trips together and write a travel book. It won't be Rick Steves, but it'll be damned funny (and informative!)


Oh, I'm so envious of your trip. Sorry that I've taken a while to catch up on your posts, but I'm doing it slowly but surely. I love the Rome pictures-- it's the place I'd most like to go.

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