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May 12, 2008



Like I said before, reading all these just get me so excited for our trip! As the trip gets closer I'll be sure to email you :)


After reading this wonderful recap all I could think was, "those poor homeless dogs"

Then, I stopped myself and said, wait, they live on the beach in Italy, basically in paradise.

No sympathy here.

I am so glad you both had such a fabulous time! It will be a trip you always remember.

My fav quote.
"He is such a Southern Belle."


Thanks for sharing your trip of a lifetime!


As much as I loved the other recaps, I think this was my favorite because it's SO PRETTY!


I've been there!! I swear I stayed in that first hotel too!! So crazy...

soo beautiful though :)


The colors in your pictures are amazing. Even those 'partly cloudy' ones are incredibly dramatic.

I've enjoyed this writeup so much.


I've always wanted to visit Italy, but I can now say it's become a sort of over-whelming desire. Kind of like my desire to visit Australia! Your recap was lovely, the pictures were ever so beautiful and *sigh* I'm so jealous :)

Heather B.

I tell people how awesome Pompeii is and they never believe me. They give me that "uh, yeah, DORK!" look each and every time. I'm glad someone else enjoyed it.


What a beautiful trip Angela. Lovely pictures, definitely loved the last bit of it more than anything. What a beautiful honeymoon lady, a trip of a lifetime. :-)


I seriously love all of your pictures, looks like one amazing trip. :)


Just happened upon your blog tonight. I was just there last year and am enjoying reliving it through your experiences!

Girl, Dislocated

I can't believe how amazing these pictures are! And I think you guys really had the right idea scheduling 5 days in southern Italy after all of the art and history stuff.

It was so awesome reading about your trip and seeing Italy through your posts--your trip-in-review was so well written and put together! (And unlike SOME people, it didn't take you 2 months to recap!)


I've been jealous of EVERY post, but this one especially because of the coastline. And that Hotel La Minerva is so adorable.


Reading your memoirs from Italia are making me relive the time I spent there. I didn't make it to Capri or Postiano, but I know the Amalfi Coast is absolutely beautiful. We stayed outside of Naples for three nights when I first got to Italia, and it was gorgeous. Naples, on the other hand, not so much.

I'm so happy you had such a great time!


I finally got around to reading your Italy posts! You did such an awesome recap...I'm really impressed with the details here! It sounds like you had the trip of a lifetime, and I am truly jealous! :)

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