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April 16, 2008



I have to say... I actually like Shayne. I think she is cute and unique. Whether she is acting or not. But seriously, the final rose thing... HELLO! I am totally with you. Not to mention last night rocked with him eliminating "hi...I'm gonna bud into everyone's time, my name is Robin" and "hi...everyone should really like me, my name is Marchan."

Love this post Michelle, Tres funny!


MEN and their inability to grow some balls.



I'm still stunned that Matt chose Chelsea over Robin. I'm thinking Noelle and Shayne will be in the final two. And if he picks Shayne, I will seek him out just to smack him.

Michelle & the City

nic - me too! and noelle is definitely who i'm rooting for :)


I actually hate holding hands too. Not really because it's gross or too PDA for me, but because my hands always get sweaty! And that's not only gross, but embarassing to me and puts the other person in an awkward position when they realize my hand is sweating and they want to drop it.

So that's my beef: I can never hold hands!


i just started watching the bachelor on my computer. but only my computer at school is fast enough to handle it so i have to wait until my officemates aren't around to catch up!

chris announcing the final rose bugs the shit out of my too!

my beef is this damn runny nose i've been sporting all week. so not cool. i'm not even sick!


I can't even watch the Bachelor. I get so caught up in the drama and the tears and the desperation and the heartbreak - it's completely draining. When I'm just flipping around and I land on the Bachelor I freak out and change the channel as quickly as possible so I won't get sucked in.

Fraulein N

I'm almost always willing to whine about the weather. (I didn't mean for that sentence to have so much alliteration in it, but there you go.) It's nice right now but I know summer's just around the corner and I HATE hot weather. So yeah, I guess my beef is something that hasn't even happened yet.


Allergies. I hate them. I don't just have normal runny nose allergies, but full on sick allergies. First day I start with a sore throat, then by the second day it leads into the runny nose, which in turn becomes a stuffed up nose to the point that I cannot breathe. By the end of day 2/early day 3 comes the most terrible cough that makes me sound like a seal, which leads me back to a sore throat from coughing so much.

I've been like this since I was a wee little one - my mom thought I was dying once, but nope, it was allergies they said. SUCKS!


Oh Michelle, how you hit the nail on its head for all of that!!

I have a lot of beef today. Mainly--why do i let D have so much control over me that I let him come prancing back into my life and agree to actually maybe see him. SERIOUSLY.

and then theres the lack of voice thing I have going on, and this cold/allergy thing thats kicking my ass....

I think i may be complaining more than Marshana. haha. One thing I cannot complain about? Is this FANTASTIC weather. Its going to be in the 70s today and tomorrow? almost 80!! yay!!

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