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April 15, 2008



Amen to the sock and opened toe shoes...or panty holes for that matter.

Girl, Dislocated

I never understood how someone could walk out of the house like that! Why aren't they embarrassed???

Oh and I also hate when people wear sandals that are too small for their feet.

Fraulein N

Abbie - Do people not know that they make special pantyhose to wear with sandals?

Girl, Dislocated - Ew, and their toes hang over the front? That's so nasty.

Michelle & the City

that last sentence needs to be put on a bumper sticker!


I COMPLETELY AGREE! We should get t-shirts printed or something.


I'm really liking the guest posters Angela picked out! :-)

I think you have addressed a good point about people and their feet. Nothing grosses me more than their nails curling! Yuckkk! Or how about women not shaving their legs, and walking around in their sun dresses? Come on!



Fraulein N

Michelle & the City - A bumper sticker or a BOOT, so I can kick people with it.

shani - I'll bet you somebody's already beaten me to it.

Jass - Worse than leg hair in a sundress? Armpit hair in a sundress. If you don't want to shave your pits that's fine, just please don't make me look at those forests you have under there. With clumps of deodorant on top. Pretty!

TasterSpoon - :-)


If I'm totally bumming it [ie. jeans and a hoodie], I will wear socks with my adidas slip-on sandals, like these:, but only if it's cold out.

And it's okay that most people think that's a fashion faux pas, because I never claimed to be particularly fashionable and I'm from NJ, so I can do whatever I want.



Erm, I meant these:

The Incubator

Oooooooooo, I know you made Angela proud with this one!!! A subject so close to her heart!

Fraulein N

Caro - I am the absolute QUEEN of bumming it ... but I still can't get on board with that look. But you are from Jersey, so I'm not trying to mess with you... :-)

The Incubator - Thanks! I hope she likes it.


ICK. I notice this ALL THE TIME. People are so nasty with their feet. It's called a pumice.

Fraulein N

I KNOW. Or scissors. Or a hacksaw or something ... when it gets to that point.


Okay Fraulein, name the product that will cure the Grand Canyon fault that has erupted on my heel over the winter.


Oh this was hilarious!!! I hate when women don't wear toenail polish--I call them man toes.

Fraulein N

Candy - I use Eucerin original moisturizing creme. It comes in a jar instead of a bottle because it's serious stuff. It's thick, but it works.

Curlysue - I can't wear sandals if my toenails aren't painted. I feel absolutely naked, seriously.

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