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April 28, 2008



You just confirmed every reason I want to travel to so many different places - the history, the culture, the beauty - there's so much to take in! I can't wait to hear about your trip in even more detail :)


Hi i'm Carlo from Italy... things that you wrote about my country are really touching. Talking about the "androgynous winter coats" i might say that if you live 200 days a year with the sun and at least 25° it's just normal if you feel cold :P. and talking about fashion... well you can't pop around the town dressed with wedding clothes! we're just fanatic about fashion when we hang out. Bye|


Thanks for the Italy info. I love hearing about places from "real" people. When I read those travel guides, they are always so glorified and wordy. Just tell me the everyday things please and I'll be happy. I look forward to more!


Italy sounds lovely, even in cold. :-)

Welcome back chica!


Man... those pictures look gorgeous! I LOVED Italy when I went.

I need to go back!


Please tell me you went to amphitheaters and tested out their natural acoustics? :) That's all I would do if I went to Italy.

Old Warrior

I think Carlo is talking about 25 centigrade which is 77 Fahrenheit.

The Incubator

Ahhh, sigh, can I go next time? I always took you with me on our good trips! And when's the last time I feigned anything -- with you, that is!

Operation Pink Herring

I am a total sucker for ancient history, and Rome blew me away. It's just amazing to stand in front of the same buildings that people did thousands of years ago. Now you've got me choked up too!


I swear, every time I see people's vacation pictures that include food, I want to immediately hop on a plane and go eat some of that deliciousness.


I felt the same way about fashion in Paris- I was none too impressed with the people or the shops (beyond ya know, Louboutin, Dior, and Vuitton- the stores where normal people shop? GAH!) But I only ate bread and chocolate souffle in Paris and in 5 days my pants were falling off.


Looks like such a great trip! I'm just a little bit jealous :)


Oh, your trip sounds lovely! Now I think I need to go...


Sounds marvelous! Glad you had fun. I could certainly eat my way across Italy!


I love Roman history, so I really liked some of those pictures you posted and talking about the history. I've always heard that fashion is key for Milan more so than other cities.


What a fabulous trip!! I went to Italy when I was a little girl, but of course I barely remember it. Your pictures have convinced me that I must get back there soon!!


That is so amazing! I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! I am so in awe of history myself and usually choose trips around stories from the past that inspire me the most.

It is amazing to hear your stories!

Michelle & the City

you have officially made me want to go! although ireland is still my #1 choice :)

Fraulein N

Oh, you lucky duck! Now I wanna go more than ever!


I'm happy it weaseled its way into your heart. Now, I want to hear about some of the adventures! Did you happen to hit up any of my old haunts?


Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and I am so jealous! :) So glad to hear of all the wonderful memories made!

D was born in Italy and lived abroad (Italy and Scotland) until he was 5 or 6. He's also done a bit of traveling in the Med as an adult, of which I am also jealous. :) One day...


Here's the only thing I didn't like about Italy. Using a hole in the ground restroom. I'd never done that before and believe that it's a few steps down from the porta-potty.

Ick- ick and ICK! I was so scared that my clothing would touch the ground where YOU KNOW people got messy with their elimination of whatever.


I love your recounting of your trip, part 1!
I thought you might want to know that there is a super duper gelato place near Pike Place Market (you've probably already heard about it) whose name completely escapes me. I've heard they do nice coffees too but i have actually tried the handmade gelato.....

I will find the name and get back to you....


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