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April 17, 2008


Fraulein N

Oh, you guys had the BEST Barbie stories. Yeah, it's pretty obvious your parents had a writer and an actress on their hands.

Old Warrior

You left out the background on the infamous flying Barbie's in the back of the van on long trips. As a public service to those who may want to read more tales of the drama queen:


Haha I'm sure my Jane barbie(inspired by Tarzan stories)would have loved to play with your barbies back in the day. ;-)


You blog now? And conveniently right after Angela leaves for Italy? Sneaky!

Apparantly, you both were born with awesomeness in you ;-)

Michelle & the City

i totally had a peaches and cream barbie!! :)

you have some writing skills of your own obviously, great post!

Girl, Dislocated

I can only imagine what an extensive archive of Brittany and Angela stories your parents must have! I've never owned a real Barbie before, and now you're making me wonder if I somehow missed out... though I doubt I would have been nearly as imaginative as you guys were. On a sort of related note, Angela's right about you needing a blog!


Fraulein: Thanks for the visit! It made me really happy to have someone know of the wonderfulness that is Extras!

Jass: We never had a Jane Barbie... I'm sure she would have been more than welcome into our club of crazy characters!

Caro: Ha, I know... I have horrible timing, don't I? Welcome home gift?

Michelle: Thank you! Peaches and Cream Barbie was my very favorite! I hope to one day have a dress like that--though I hope the top doesn't crack like hers did...

Girl, Dislocated: Thank you for enjoying the story! And you know, it's never too late to buy a Barbie. Also, I did start a blog... for Angela... as soon as she left for Italy. I know, it makes absolutely no sense... it's over at


OK, that's it. I'm adopting the lot of you. You're hilarious!

My Barbie stories are all mine. Why? I used to tell my friends what they had to make their Barbie's say and do.

Let's just say, I was a very bossy child.


Came from RisibleGirl... I'm so glad to know that we were not the only girls creating very dramatic soap operas with our Barbies! I have a little brother and I fear we scarred him for life by only allowing him to play with the ugly Barbies. :)


Oh, we had that Barbie.

We only had one Ken, so ours would always get divorced so the other Barbies would have a chance to be in a relationship with Ken.

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