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April 18, 2008



OH NO!! Ugh, that sounds awful.

Not only are you pregnant. And taking care of a small child. But then you go and have a finger injury.


Hope today goes better!

Kate P

Please tell me you didn't see America's Next Top Model this week. When life imitates ANTM that might be a sign of the apocalypse.

Uh, other good things? You have an excuse for "giving people the finger" and they'll never know if it's accidental or on purpose? And your IT man should be able to hook you up with something that helps you type less painfully. IMO.

I hope your finger is doing better today!


Oouch! I'm cringing, at the thought of that. But like you I too am malodramatic at times when it involves clumsy injuries. Latest one was tripping on not so nice pavement in Europe, right after a taxi man was pulling my luggage out of his trunk, and as I was paying the man for the fare I fell face down luckily I only had scratches on the knees and a dirty coat. I then proceeded to shed a few tears before getting up and collecting my two $20's from the pavement. The man felt so bad, he almost didn't take my money. =P

Hope your finger feels better soon.


My sis did that while cutting coupons. She had to go to the ER to get stitches. The doctors made fun of her and gave her a pair of scissors with surgical tape wrapped around the tips of the scissors and told her to use those from now on.

She's going to have to cut a lot of coupons to make up for the ER visit bill, me thinks.

Another Angela

I did almost the same thing, except with a knife, and I was cutting cheese while holding the block of cheese in my hand. Smart, no?

Anywhooo, the bad news is that it bleeds a lot and feels really weird not having a fingertip. The good news is that it GROWS BACK and you can milk it for all its worth in the meantime!


Funny story, though. Can you put that under "good things"?

And it's a good excuse to eat ice cream. You know, to keep it cold.

How about washing your face? I need two hands for that.


Ahh, I don't even know what to say other than "OUCH!" and "I hope it gets better soon" :( Poor Maggie's finger.

Nice illustrations though ;-)


oh, honey! **ouch.**

it is a testament to your marvelous writing skillz that you can turn the Traumatic Experience into an entertaining blog post! and those are, indeed, great illustrations. hope the finger mends soon! enjoy the dishwashing hiatus. (c:


(i debated about the "oh, honey" - i hope that's not presumptuous! my inner mother-hen comes out when i read tales of such trauma, and "oh, honey" is just my default expression of sympathy... but perhaps it loses something via keyboard. ach.)


Oh I did this once but it was while in graphic design class and I was cutting some cardboard. My finger was a little too close to the edge of the ruler and before I knew it there was a chunk of me missing from the tip of my pointer finger too. Ugh. Of course people just sat there looking at me as I had tears forming in my eyes. Jerks--get me a band-aide quick! :(

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