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April 11, 2008



LOL Lori!

You cracked me up, thank you! :-)

David Cook is definitely something else! And you are going to have to fight me on that I already put him in the trunk of my car first. ;-) hehe

Shhh don't tell Pumpkin Boy.


Ooh, love the digs and love the dishing!

Hi Angela when you read this. :)

Can I just say that on AI, BROOKE needs to go home? zzzzzzzzzz


While I've never watched Big Brother and I forgot to add The Bachelor to my DVR playlist - I do agree with you on AI. I am loving David Cook! Though can I just say how much American Idol viewers suck after last night, because I do not believe that Michael Johns should have gone home yet. Lame.


Caro- I totally agree with you. I was watching it by myself and actually yelled at the TV.

That was a HUGE mistake. I think Michael Johns will be OK though- I suspect he has a huge career waiting for him.


Would you believe Michael Johns' departure actually made the news over here! Never heard of him before. He's very good!


Hi Lori! (And Ang, Caro, and E)

I am also loving David Cook even though the dude seriously needs to get a tan. I've about had it with what's her name Kristy Lee whatever though. The girl is so boring! Michael Johns will probably be ok, but he was never in the running to win the thing. JMHO.

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