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April 08, 2008



I haven't been to the Bahamas, but that sounds like it was a fun trip and the non-refrigerated rum punch? Tasty.


Now I want to go on a trip. Immediately!


I too have never been to the bahamas. Hopefully that'll change soon.
I didn't know weed was that available there.
Not that I'd want to try it.

distracted spunk

La, your post makes me giggle the way you wrote it. I haven't been to the Bahamas since I was like seven.


I loved being in the Bahamas and your trip sounds like it was so much I want to go play...


This sounded like a crazy and awesome college trip. Makes me wish I was still in college on spring break!


I've never gone on vacay with a whole BUNCH of friends, but it sounds like the funnest thing ever.

A few years ago some friends were talking about going on a cruise en masse, but it never panned out, and recently I talked to a (different) friend who did that with some of his buds and said it sucked rocks.


Ah, yes, the Bahamas. I had quite a nice hotel [thankfully there were NO rats] and a fabulous time [we were there for a family members wedding], but the weather was horrible, as we were dealing with remnants of a destructive hurricane :|

Clouds, hardly any sun and the Bahamas? I should have stayed in Jersey. Kidding!


Yay for the Beach Boys!

I think I saw a rat in the Bahamas, too. But maybe it was Belize.


Ya know- just the mention of rats makes me want to jump up on my couch. Rats freak me out like nothing else.


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