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March 14, 2008



Yeah, internet Fridays do suck sometimes. I hope you get that phone call soon. I don't know how you manage it. My cousin's husband is leaving for Iraq soon, and another cousin is in Qatar while is wife is preggers. He is scheduled to return before the birth, though. Hang in there, and don't forget to call me! :-)

Old Warrior

I used to have to quickly call your Mom and grandparents really fast to let them know I was fine anytime something bad happened to anyone in the Air Force remotely related to me and my mission. Bad news travels so fast that you don't have to wait long to hear it.

The mode all military spouses have to adopt is that no news, is no news.

But, now you know how we felt when you were out on dates past curfew. Funny how life tends to cycle back on you. Can't wait till you have children.


Oh boy, I can see your fears. I would be the same way? OMG, what happened? Something happened! I know it did! AHHHH! I dated a guy briefly here recently who is in the Army but he was only gone for a week out in the middle of no where here in Colorado. He will be going to Afghanistan this fall sometime, and even though I'm not dating him anymore (and it's a good thing), I SOOOO hope he returns safely.

Girl, Dislocated

So glad you heard from him!!! I don't think I'd do as good of a job as you trying to think rationally if I was in your position. And I can't even fathom how hard it was for people waiting to hear from their military loved ones in the time before email and cell phones!


Yeah tomorrow!!! Being without our hubbies is so stinky!

Let it all out and tell it to Clark, he will help! I swear he could cure just about anything!

Anonymous G

How sweet life can be! You can now enjoy your friday evening hot chocolate film fest!


L the D

Good gracious, what a great call! Hopefully he really WILL be home and y'all can spend a great weekend together enjoying each other :-)


I'm so glad you heard from Colby, I certainly remember those days of not getting the call when I needed it! I hope you have a great weekend together, and you still get a movie marathon tonight...

And I know what you mean about Fridays, it is really quiet in the blog-o-sphere as well as email, etc. Yawn. Makes the afternoon go very slow..


Obviously, you just have to post a blog about how you haven't heard from Colby when you want to hear from Colby - problem solved :)

No, really, glad you heard from him and that he is on his way home! Hope you enjoy your weekend


I really, realllly needed to see that last paragraph. Phew! Enjoy!


Yay! I'm glad he's coming home. It sucks you're apart so often.


I started reading, then glanced at when it was updated. I was quite relieved to see the update as well. Here's hoping that you'll have a nice quiet Colby weekend.

And internet Fridays? They're bad! Internet weekends? blech blech! I'm feeling it now. No shopping, no driving, no outdoors. waaah! :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Yay for coming home!!


I'm glad you'll get to spend time with Colby this weekend.

All this blog-talk of cupcake shops makes me want to find one in Philly. Must add to my to-do list.


I have to admit that I would react the same way you are -- the not knowing is really hard to get through. It definitely takes a special person to be a military spouse, I'm not sure I'd be up to the task.


Although it sucks to be that worried, I guess it's kind of lovely that you have someone you're that worried about.


AHH! that's crazy! I am a few days late reading this but I hope you had an awesome weekend together :)


Thanks for the update!! I hope you and Colby got to spend some quality time together this weekend. Yup, doing nothing can be so rewarding. :-)

Big hugs!


So I'm a little late, but I was reading your entry and SO glad you posted an update. Did you guys have a good weekend?

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