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March 03, 2008



Dude I wish my tax return totaled 5G's. lucky!

Feel better soon!


Sweet lord, those cupcakes look delish! Also, hope you're starting to feel better!


Oh I'm so glad you had a good weekend, too! So if you can have cupcakes, that means you will indulge with me and have a diet cherry chocolate dr pepper?!?? I'm planning to bring a 12-pack to the office for us to share!


Now I'm craving a cupcake from Cakelove. Dangs it!


Well..... I whined and moaned and groaned and hacked all weekend. I keep flashing back and forth between sweating and freezing and I sound like someone who's been smoking since she was 10.

I already told my boss that I'll be working form home tomorrow.

I feel really gross.

Fraulein N

My weekend was pretty boring, compared to yours. I sat around a little bit. And then I bought some pants. And then I ... uh ... sat around some more?

Feel better soon!

Chelsea Talks Smack

Holy WOW those cupcakes look AMAZING, I feel I must go buy a cupcake now...NYC brings out my craving for cupcakes.


mmmmmmcupcakes :)

and feel better!


Hmm... all I want right now is a cupcake. crap.

There is some wackiness happening with endless and zappos right now - I wish one of us could just figure it out! Ha!


I don't know what is worse, being sick or having to drink that Airborne?!

Infect them all, they should have been nicer about your honeymoon. Go breathe on your supervisor, that will teach her!

Military couples NEED their honeymoons, don't put it off 4.5 years like we did!

Keep you vacay days!


I had some pretty dahlias for awhile one year. (before I killed them) The cupcakes look yummy! I bought shoes this weekend, and made a mayhaw cake. (I know you know what a mayhaw is!) I also did a truckload of laundry.


Those cupcakes look delicious! I am also a fan of tax season...I'm looking forward to using my refund for some home improvements, and some shoes!

Hope you are feeling better!


So, I know we aren't Catholic... so we don't TECHNICALLY have to do the Lenten thing... but I think if you SAY you're going to do it, and then don't... God might just smite you.

I mean, I ate olives (which I gave up... and the next day I was supa sick)... you ate cupcakes and... supa sick...

just a theory.

Old Warrior

New news today! The makers of Airborne are paying a $324 million fine for false advertising. The "double blind study" they claimed was a fake and Airborne has been found to be nothing more than the most expensive Vitamin C delivery system in the history of magic cure scams. Independent studies have shown than Airborne does nothing to prevent, diminish the symptoms of, or cure a cold. It's just Vitamin C. The settlement allows anyone to get a refund of every box they've ever bought (if they have receipts) or 6 refunds if you don't have receipts.


Ahhhh those cupcakes look so delicious.


Girl, Dislocated

Are you allowed to pick something else to give up for Lent? How does Lent work in your religion? In the Orthodox church, Lent means going completely Vegan for 40 (or maybe 55?) days. We don't just avoid meat, fish, and dairy, we have to read the ingredients on EVERYTHING to make sure it doesn't contain any of those things. I feel guilty, but I'm probably not going to start participating in this dietary torture until the last week of it or something.

And Old Warrior beat me to what I was going to say about Airborne. But maybe there's a placebo effect?

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