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March 10, 2008


Michelle & the City

we were snowed in this weekend so i definitely didn't make it out of the house! well, except to go back home and then managed to get stuck in the parking lot!


Beverly Hills 90210 is my shit. I could watch all 10 seasons and nothing else for the rest of my life and never be bored.

The Lisa Show

Totally the Scrabble champion in this household too! Not undefeated though. He has his moments. Haha.


I swear to goodness, Scrabulous is the most addicting game EVER!

Fraulein N

I left the house exactly once, and that was to procure snacks.


Ahhh yes Matthew Fox before Lost was a hottie too. Thanks for the reminder. ;-)

And I am so jealous over your new eliptical machine, it's just not fair hehe. It must have cost you an arm and a leg? Ha and then how would you do eliptical? (yes I'm goofy)

Congrats on the Scrabble win!


Oh and if it wasn't for Rob, I would be home in my pj's as well. We went out to the mall, run some errands, and came home to no power in our neighborhood, due to the high winds. Luckily it came back a few hours later.

Ohhh and we were invited to our first Hockey game ever. It was better than I expected! :-)


I had a Sex And The City marathon on Friday night and sadly didn't leave the house...however now that you've mentioned Beverly Hills 90210, I feel one of those marathons coming on as well... ;)


Yeah sometimes I'd rather just lounge around the house as well and catch up on old tv, mmmmm. Lovely.


I am so addicted to Scrabulous it is not even funny! Great way to sharpen the brain and waste tons of time.


yeah! i LOVE 90210. there is NOTHING better than a little bit of dylan mckay. NOTHING.


SO jealous of the elliptical. How is the quality of the machine? I would hope for that kind of dough, pretty good? I so want one.


I lerved me some Matt Fox when he was Charlie on Party of Five! Most of my friends were raving about Scott Wolf's dimples, but I was all about the big brother on that show! (Yep, I've always thought the wolf/fox thing was crazy too.)


I left the house at 1.30am on Sunday and came home at 7am. But I was working, that doesn't really count, does it?


If it weren't for my hubby I would never leave the house either! I love a day when I don't get out of my pajamas!

Sounds heavenly!


I wanted to love that Mr. Darcy too, but I just couldn't! He just fell a little flat for me. I blamed it on the fact that he was too young at first. It will always be Colin for me. :)

Anxiously awaiting the shoe 411.

She Likes Purple

Gosh, I used to be obsessed with Party of Five.

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