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March 28, 2008



I don't know this show. I lost you after "Lauren went to high school..." hehe :p


I'm really not sure what the hell Spencer was trying to accomplish by showing up in Colorado, and yes, I'm 33 and I watch The Hills, and whether it was his decision or the producers? Also, have I yet discussed my feelings about why Spencer looks like a wooly mammoth and Heidi has an uber thin face all of the sudden? Gross. But a train wreck. I can't stop watching.

Have a great weekend!


I am in the 97% of people who hate the show but really love it. But also hate it.


I don't watch regularly, but The Hills is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. It's the one thing I keep secret from my husband because it sends him ranting through the house! :)


Thanks for the thorough update! I love the Hills. It is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.


I LOVE The Hills and I care not who's got a problem with it. At least I don't tolerate those stupid dating shows.. .they just grate on my nerves. Talk about a cesspool of STDs.

Someone Being Me

Ok I had to laugh at your devil mobile line at the end. I hate Spencer too and that was just too funny.

Operation Pink Herring

Bless you for recapping the one show I can't bring myself to watch! I haven't followed LC and her crew since the very early days of Laguna Beach. I sometimes catch a glimpse of her annoyingly perfect face on the TV monitors at the gym and wonder what kind of dramatic shenanigans good old Lauren is up to!


i heart you so much more right now, haha. hills fanatic at your service :)


I watch sometimes if it is on. I have a few shows I TiVO but that isn't one of them. I do enjoy the drama though! Lol.


I have never wanted to watch The Hills until now. It's a pseudo reality show, is that right?

I am totally going to used "French" as a verb from now on. I snorted every time you used it.


I've watched since Laguna Beach. But this season? IS SO MUCH MORE OBVIOUSLY SCRIPTED. Like, it's ridiculous. I could suspend disbelief before, but now? It's just ridiculous. And the whole Alberta Ferretti dress thing? Made me so mad.


Wow. I admire your dedication to The Hills. I don't have cable, so I'm missing all the hype.


Oh, God. That sounds fabulously trashy and horribly entertaining. I MUST watch it next Monday.

Nice recap! I like your descriptions!


So... I was skeptical when I began this blog. Because I don't care about The Hills. I don't ever watch it. Laguna Beach annoyed me... but then I realized I was at the end of the blog and had enjoyed it... so... maybe I like your recaps better than the real thing. Funny stuff. Now I want to see it so I can see the dresses and the scary Frenchmen!

Another Angela

I can't remember how I stumbled across your blog now but I love it!
1. I love your name :)
2. I have never been interested in The Hills but for some reason I just read the whole episode and am left wondering why people hate Spencer so much.
3. You are your husband might possibly be the cutest couple ever.

That is all. I'll be back!


I love The Hills and I do not apologize for it. I am so thrilled to find someone who shares in my addiction of watching and criticizing every moment!


Holy smokes, woman! Are you being paid by the word here? xoxo

I've never watched this show, which is a surprise, because I'll watch anything if it even smacks of reality TV.


Holy crap -- how long did it take to type that out? I've heard of the show, but I've never watched it and probably won't. My reality guilty pleasure is Rock of Love; it's a train wreck but so funny to watch these women make fools of themselves.

Girl, Dislocated

I'm so late commenting on this because it's been a nutty couple days, but I HAVE to tell you how freaking funny this was! Seriously, I've never even heard of the show, have never heard of these people, but I still laughed my butt off imagining the scenes. I highly doubt the show itself could be half as amusing as your recap, so you have to do this again sometime!

The Incubator

I will probably never watch this show, have never heard of the show, but I will truly love the days that you recap the shows -- your recaps have to be better than the actual watching of the shows!! Maybe you should consider getting a job writing the synopsis for soaps in the paper -- much more enjoyable than the actual show!

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