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March 23, 2008



aw... maybe I'd give you a reese's egg... just maybe.


Not a single egg for me. I'm a jelly bean kinda girl myself. Perhaps tomorrow when they are on sale?

Glad your blog is fixed and that the resignation went well.


Happy Easter!

I'm sure that things will work themselves out - but it sure is frustrating when all of that mess compounds itself!

L the D

Current count for Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs: 1
Jelly Beans: several handfuls
Bunnies: 0 (but not for long!)
Cadbury Eggs: 0 (changing in approximately 2 minutes)

Happy Easter!


We got Snickers eggs, not Reeses. Hehehehe. Hope you had a fantastic Easter! (As opposed to the not-so-good Friday.)


I'm so glad it's working again!! Hope your Easter was great.

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