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March 12, 2008



Okay, (1) love your decisions; (2) I just might buy a pair of the Reginas (good investment, Sofft!) and (3) you need to look into consumer reporting as a career. Companies would be wise to note how thorough this girl is!

blogging barbie

i am drooling over those last pair of shoes. seriously. drool.


I love the shoes you chose! Now I"m thinking about buying shoes myself...good thing it's payday on Friday!


Love love love all the shoes, especially the flats. I am definitely a ballet flats kind of girl.


Yay! The shoe quest has ended. Now break those puppies in!


I would pass out from excitement if I saw that many packages knowing they contained shoes.

Heather B.

I put the ballet flats in my favorites but the heels give me pause. Only because of the material and even in the description it said 'fall wardrobe'. I need a heel for the spring/summer months in DC. Blah. So I suppose now I'm on the great shoe hunt.


Oh, you know how happy shoes make me! I'm so glad you found ones you loved, and hopefully they'll love you back!!


I love these shoes! My closet is lacking in the shoe department. It's horrible. I won't even tell you how many pairs I have to include sneakers, flip flops, boots, etc (it's less than 10!). I'm an embarassement to a woman's closet I'm sure. lol But I love your site here and I plan to be back. Oh, did I mention I wear a size 8 1/2-9 in any of the above shoes you selected and you may forward the best choices to Colorado Springs. :)

The Incubator

I told you that you would love that Sofft brand -- how come they won't send your dear old Mimsie a free pair? I'm the one who encouraged you!!! Poor me:( But just think, now you're wearing -- oh no -- you're mother's brand of shoe!!!


Thanks so much for all your research. Perhaps I will get some slightly more stylish shoes to add to my collection--after you road test them in Italy, of course.


Thanks for the reviews! I happen to have Step in black, and have found them comfie with both socks and bare feet, and I have worn them with a casual skirt and received compliments.


You are nothing if not diligent. But time well spent - I spent two hours trying on "walking" shoes the night before my trip to Thailand and got what I thought was a great pair - until I actually wore them around for a day and rubbed my achilles tendon completely raw - putting me in flip flops the rest of the trip. Stupid shoes! Clever you for leaving a week to test drive.

Girl, Dislocated

I love how scientific this process was!

Fraulein N

Love them. Just looking at all those shoe boxes is making me happy, and they're not even mine! You're very smart to break them in before your trip. Or maybe I'm just very dumb ... I'd probably want to "save" them for the trip, and then end up with hurty feet.


I have got to get me a pair of those Privo - Comice in Brown Nubuck. I used to have a similar pair and they were the most comfortable shoes on the planet but then they started to tear because I wore them like every minute of the day. Now I need more! Thanks for reminding me.


Emailing you!

Operation Pink Herring

I love the shoes you picked, but I love the ANTM tribute even more! Oh, Tyra. How you wish you were Oprah.


OK- laughing again... "it's like a humiliating shoe fart just waiting to happen." Oh I hate that! I have a pair of shoes that I should just THROW away because I curse them every time I wear them (either that or I walk funny to avoid the shoe fart).

The shoes are divine.

Of course they are.


you are going to love the Comices! but yeah, not with a skirt. But they are so comfy, I adore mine. I like your other choices too!


Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

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